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Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekend Recap

Yep....anyone else?!
It was another basketball-filled weekend for the Hensley crew, and we loved every minute.


I had Old Navy Super Cash that expired this weekend, and I just knew the forecast for our weekend didn't allow much time to go shopping. Nat and I decided to have a girlie afternoon, and our first stop was for lunch @ Steak N Shake. It was so good.
 And she was just so sassy!!
She loved it so much! Her favorite part was definitely the shake, but honestly who wouldn't love a red velvet oreo shake!?
We then went to the boys' school where we 'chaperoned' the school Sweetheart dance. I use quotations because I really just stood there laughing with the other parents at how funny our kids are!
Carson was off running with his friends, so Nataleigh was dancing it up with some cool 3rd grade girls! I wish I had an ounce of this little thing's confidence. She isn't bothered that she's younger than the other girls. She just owns it!
And we've discovered that Stephen is a bit of a "helicopter mom!" I love his concern for his little sister.
Thankfully one of the teachers came in to help my sweetie shake his groove-thang!! Ms. Carpenter, you rock!!
I snapped this just before the dance because I just knew that tooth was going to fall out before the night was over...
And sure enough, it did!
After the dance, Carson went with Joe to hang out before Joe's last regular season game, and we went to Stephen's basketball practice!
After practice we jetted, & I mean jetted, to Bristol to catch the last half of the game, and boy am I glad we got there. The Vikings fought back to upset the Trailblazers to end the season. Pray for us all because we are now in the District tournament this week!!


We started at Carson's last regular-season game!
The Flash had such a fun season full of lots of learning & laughing! These kiddos were just too cute & funny, and Coach Luke did a fabulous job!
And I got video of Carson hitting that free throw!
How sweet is his practice shot?!
#2 is my favorite!!
After his game, Joe and Stephen got ready for the pool play portion of his tournament, and Nataleigh headed to a birthday party with Nana!
Carson & I had plans with his sweet buddy, Cooper, to see the Batman Lego movie, and we had a ball.
 The foyer had a lot of Lego & Batman exhibits, including this GameStop table where the boys got to play the new Lego Dimensions game!
 We love, love, love going to the theatre to see movies!
Just as the previews ended we were all surprised to see a cute buddy from the boys' class, Dru! They had to have their pictures taken with the display, and it's just too cute!!
We met Joe and Stephen for dinner @ Jason's Deli before we headed back for the bracket portion of the tournament, and even though the Swarm didn't get the results they expected, it was a good weekend. My boy played hard, and he's just grown so much on the court!
He even let me grab a quick picture!!


So at dinner Saturday night, I'm not quite sure what it was, but something from the salad bar I've developed an allergy to. By the time I had gotten home, my throat itched so badly, and I took allergy medicine. That, however, didn't help because when I woke up Sunday, my throat was so swollen, and I was actually concerned. I took another dose of Benadryl, went back to sleep, and finally woke up with some relief. I was just groggy from the Benadryl all day, so while Joe went to preach, the kids and I stayed home trying to get mama better.
We did have some fun on Sunday!
On Friday while shopping, Nataleigh picked out this little play phone, and she is hooked to it. It's her favorite thing ever, and it even has lip gloss in it.
 Sorry, she can't talk right now....
 It's pink & sparkly..what else could a girl need?!
She's applied so much gloss, and she's just the funniest with it!
She'll say, "I need a kiss...just not on my lips, because I have gloss!"
She is just too much!
We ended the night, like we often do, watching the latest WWE pay-per-view!
Happy Monday!


  1. What a busy weekend! That's exciting about the lost tooth! How scary that you had an allergy at the salad bar! I'm glad you're feeling better now.

    1. Thanks..it was the first time I had that kind of reaction..super scary