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Monday, February 27, 2017

Weekend Rewind

Nothing better than a fun, family & basketball-filled weekend, right?!
Let's get right into it!
Nat and I delivered donuts {and milk in a Starbucks cup} to Mim & Poppy after we dropped the boys off at school. She loves this time with her great grandparents!

Friday, Stephen had basketball practice, so he & Joe went to that while the littles & I hung out at the house.
We ordered pizza & salads from the best Greek restaurant ever!!
The Mad Greek is ahhhh-mazing.
 Pizza Perfection

Seriously though, that Greek salad is to-die-for, and because I ate that I didn't feel an ounce guilty having one slice of the scrumptious pizza!

Saturday, my dad picked me up for coffee & donuts from Blackbird Bakery!
This day I happily grabbed a white chocolate mocha & cream cheese donut. It's literally like a donut stuffed with cheesecake!!

We then began our basketball day!
 The Flash finished their season, and it was full of lots of hardwork & sweat. I'm super proud of this cool kid right here! 
 Tip-off of game 1
Then we headed to Kingsport for Stephen's games. 
He went 1-1 for the day, and he fought so hard. This has been a season of learning too. He's playing up on a 4th grade team, and he's learned so much. He worked hard this weekend, & he even scored 5 points in the second game. I'm super proud that he went 3-4 from the free throw line. Those little improvements in the details of the game of basketball are huge for a 9-year old!
You know you are a basketball sister when you fall asleep in the middle of the third game of the day.
We came home & watched more basketball while dinner cooked because we are crazy!
& then I baked these delicious cookies!
They taste like a cinnamon roll!!
We started our Sunday with a balanced breakfast.
Cinnamon crescent rolls, bacon, & coffee!

Then this sweet girl headed to church with her daddy while her brothers & I headed back to Kingsport for the bracket portion of Stephen's tournament.
There is very little better than a Sunday afternoon nap in my book!!
Apparently while Nat and I napped, Joe and the boys watched Tim Hawkings videos. They have laughed & laughed all afternoon/evening!

One of the favorites from Sunday!
We then went back to church for the evening prayer service, and then came home in time to watch some of the Oscars Red Carpet!
Mine & Nat's favorites..
Emma Stone!! 
Kirsten Dunst

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen!!
This filter was perfect for judging pretty, expensive dresses together!
I totally felt like we were channeling our inner Joan Rivers here, and she had a blast watching the songs!!

our fave!!

And the Auli'i Cravalho performance was so, so good!! 
We still love us some Moana!!
Facebook reminded me that before she was a fashionista, Nat was my real-life Sleeping Beauty!!
And then we tucked our sweet babes in bed, and my husband reminded me how fun our life is!
Impromptu dance/wrestling session full of laughs & scoldings from the boys for 'waking them up.' 

Life was so good this weekend, and I cannot wait to see what the week holds!

Happy Monday from the Hensley crew!


  1. What a fun weekend and those cinnabon cookies look amazing. :)