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Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

Was there a SUPER football game this weekend or what?!

 Oh, Dowager Countess, you are awesome!
And in true Vol fan-fashion, I have to share this!!
It was actually nice watching Super Bowl LI this year because I had zero, zip, nada allegiance to either of these teams, yet as a Peyton-for-life fan, I cannot cheer for Tom!
But before I get to Sunday, let's start with Friday!


Friday started off with a scrumptious butter biscuit with grape jelly from Pals.
And not pictured were the cheddar rounds.
This was such a yummy little treat, and my favorite breakfast ever. If it just didn't have calories, then it would be perfection.
Joe was out of school but had practice, so Nat and I met him for a late lunch @ Freddy's. And it was so yummy!
 This is Nataleigh's face when she sees her frozen custard with sprinkles!
Which led to an impromptu dance party!!
We then jetted to grab the boys from school, and I noticed this little factoid about myself. I always, always take my shoes off while driving, yet on Friday, I noticed I was now wearing Stephen's socks!!
When did he get so big?!
{hold me while I cry a little}
Speaking of my oldest cutie, Stephen had practice before the latest tournament was set to start!
We spent the rest of Friday night relaxing @ home while Joe's team beat a Conference rival.


This was the day that having more children than adults proved tricky.
Carson had a basketball game @ 12:00. Stephen also had a game @ 12:00 & 1:00. Finally, Nataleigh had a photo shoot @ 11:45. I was so torn about where we all needed to be, but that village I've spoken of before just proved themselves to be as great as I always say they are.
Joe headed to Carson's game. I headed with Nat, and my grandfather {Poppy} & my sister headed to Stephen's games. Also, my sweet Poppy snapped zero pictures of the game, and neither did Jojo.
I, however, took plenty.
 Getting ready to head to set!!
 Thank you to my Trunk Keeper Brittney Pearson TK#1696 for setting this sweet experience up. And to Christy for snapping some precious moments of my girl!
If you haven't checked out the latest Matilda Jane release, then you should!!
We had a little accident/wardrobe malfunction, but thankfully Stephen's phantom costume was in the trunk!! And a sweet friend pointed out that at least Nataleigh's bow matched!!
We actually napped a little on Saturday before we headed to Joe's second ballgame of the weekend. It was Senior Night @ Tennessee High versus Virginia High!
Our favorite cheerleader, Brynna, is a senior, and y'all she's been the sweetest to Nataleigh and her little friends. We just had to get her a little thank-you gift.
 A tiara, eos lotion, & eos lip balm.
All pink because that's how we roll!!

 She was so proud of herself for picking this out for Brynna
 And Brynna loved it!
They even let my sweet little walk Brynna her Senior gifts out!
We then hung out with our friends and played with Shopkins throughout the game.
Tennessee High is just such a cool experience for our kids. I never get any pictures of the boys at the games because if their mom snapped pictures while they were "balling" with their friends it could make them mess up, and I don't want that on my conscious.
By the way, the Hensley boys went 5-0 in their basketball games this weekend!
{insert muscles emoji}


This sweet boy wanted a picture taken of his super funny milk 'stache!!
Oh this boy keeps me on my toes!
We churched, cooked, snacked, and watched the Super Bowl together.
My favorite SBLI moment!!
Oh Barbara and GHWB are awesome!!
And did anyone check out Lady Gaga's incredible halftime performance?!
It was for sure one for the ages!!
I really didn't know how she was going to be able to compete with last year's National Anthem, and boy did she ever!!
That was our busy, fun, chaotic weekend. I love our busy life, and I so very much appreciate those few and far between naps!
Tomorrow I'm going to share a couple of the tasty Super Bowl treats I made this weekend!!

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