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Friday, March 3, 2017

5 on Friday: #GirlMomEdition

Today we are just linking up with AprilChristina, and Natasha, and we are still praying for our Friday Favorites girls as they mourn the loss of their dear friend.

Today is all about Girl Mom stuff!!
Cue all the pink and ruffles and bows!


Mondays are for weight-lifting with the volleyball team, and I had the cutest tag-along. She loves, loves, loves coming with me because she knows that she will get her hair done by one of my super cool teens. This Monday called for corn rows, and they were darling!

 Mondays are also for dance, and the combo of tutus, pink, and corn rows was #perfection.

Normally I get stuck in such a girl rut. We'll do a ponytail with a bow or just pull some of it out of her face with a bow, but I am so thankful that Caitlin just fixed her hair in corn rows!
Mamas out there...take that hair risk and mix it up with your girl!


We took a gymnastics class, and it is our new favorite!
 She was brave, strong, and had a blast!
 Practicing backbends.
And working on handstands. 
She took to gymnastics like a fish to water. I am so excited that she is so excited!


Last week, on my birthday, I was surprised to win a bow bundle from One Stop Bow Shop, and they are the cutest bows ever.

 You can even subscribe to the monthly bow box!!
 We stacked these two together, and it's a favorite!!

Silly faces with our new favorite bows!!


A couple of weeks ago I ordered Nat a Grab Bag from Olive Mae Clothing. If you are fans of Matilda Jane at all, check out this line. It's fabulous!!
 Country cutie!!
 We picked the bag with the dress & the doll, and she couldn't have been more excited!
This little dress with boots, hats, spurs, and bandana prints is so charming. It's totally not something that I would normally gravitate too, but i stinking LOVE it. The doll is made from the same prints as the dress. 


I feel as though every first Friday of the month that I have to mention how glorious the newest collection of Matilda Jane is, but it's true! It's beautiful, and even better, this month if you spend $175, then you get the most beautiful blanket ever!
My favorite Trunk Keepers, Brittney & LaDonna can help you order all these pretties!!
TK #1696 
TK # 3077

Happy Friday!!


  1. Oh man I need to check my mailbox to see if I got my bow box goodies :). So fun we both won!!!! Your little gal is precious and I have never heard of Olive Mae but I am going to have to go look. My girls love gymnastics and man they do such fun, hard stuff and I am like WOW...I would break a leg doing that ;). Have a great weekend - being a frilly girl mom is so much fun for sure! xoxo ERIN

    1. I still can't believe I won, and I'm so glad that we both won them! Happy weekend to you and your gorgeous family.

  2. The gymnastics class looks like so much fun!