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Monday, March 13, 2017

About This Weekend

Joe's school system & my school system are on Spring Break this week!
The boys aren't on Spring Break for a couple more weeks, so we chose to sneak over to Asheville to see Joe's parents. It was a quick little, much needed getaway.
I have the best in-laws. 
They love me big, and I'm forever grateful for their love.
They offered to keep our babies so that Joe & I could enjoy a quiet dinner alone. It was so, so nice!!!
This rarely happens, and I just love this man so much!!
We stopped by one of our all-time favorite places ever, Ruth's Chris, and it was scrumptious. I did a very poor job photographing our delicious food.
We started with the calamari, and I really think I could have ended the meal at the appetizer. Seriously, it was the best ever.
Then...I should have grabbed a better picture, but the small filet & shrimp were #perfection.
Then Joe made me order my favorite dessert ever..Creme Brulee!
{It wasn't served to us with all the berries on top, but I had to sneak a bite really quickly!}

Saturday we snuggled in our pajamas most of the morning, and then we hit up a couple of stores that we love.

And seriously, do any other mama's have kids out there that can turn any parking lot into a jungle gym?!
They literally climb on anything & everything!!
"Mommy, I'm shopping with my purse & my best fwiend."
My heart literally stopped!
We ran into a couple of our absolutely favorite people ever. Tina, Cori, Carli, and Will are just amazing people, and the girls were in Hendersonville for a cheer competition. We had to meet up for a quick coffee, donut, and too much laughing!
This boy has always had a little crush on Carli, and she is the sweetest girl evah!!

We finally got home late Saturday & started the normal pre-Sunday rundown...including relaxing time for mama!!

I love a quick face mask, and Saturdays are the best days for them!
Sunday was extra cute & sassy.
Joe preached another fabulous message, and I just could never tell y'all enough how awesome of a preacher he is. 
We watched basketball, napped, and picked up our favorite Greek salad & Mediterranean pizza for dinner.
Best salad ever!!
Then we got backpacks & lunches packed & the kiddos in bed.

Today, bright & early, I'm visiting one of my favorite friends. 
I just know Alex is going to rock my locks as we change my look up a bit! 

Happy Monday, y'all!!


  1. What a great weekend you all had! That sounds busy and fun. Also, yay for the hair appointment. Happy spring break!

  2. Oh your new cut is cuuute and what a fun weekend you had and yay for date night! I have never been to that restaurant but have heard great things! We don't have one by us! Xoxo Erin

    1. It was worth the hour and half drive for that calamari :)