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Saturday, March 25, 2017

At a Loss

I'm at a loss.
Completely shattered would be the better phrase.
In January I shared openly & honestly about my struggles HERE. I whole-heartedly wanted nothing more than to be able to share again that God had worked a miraculous thing & reestablished my relationship with my father. Alas, that isn't the case right now, but I'm still trusting that in God's timing all things will work together for my good. 

Last night my dad crossed a major line. He defamed my mother publicly & disgustingly on Facebook, and I don't see how to go back from this. He, after less than 3 months being divorced, is engaged to his mistress, and he's mad that everyone in his family isn't throwing them an engagement party.
I won't be coy or naive. My parents have always had a contentious marriage. It was never easy sailing, however, what marriage is perfect?!

My world & my memories have been rocked by all of this mess, and I hate it. 

Yesterday, a person sent my mother the congratulatory message that was very public of my dad's engagement, and I felt like I needed to message the life-coach that shared it publicly. He claimed that this man (my dad) was worth the woman's (fiancee) wait, and I needed to tell him that relationships that stem from infidelity aren't worth the wait! EVER! After speaking at length with this Facebook figure, he realized that maybe he didn't have all the facts, and that I was indeed right with my timeline. He also agreed that God didn't bring these two together that sin did. He finally helped me by telling me that they are both so deep in sin that no one could talk them off the path of 'happiness' that they feel entitled to. 

Divine Providences did not bring my dad together with his fiancee as he wants to believe. I truly believe that God will not send you another person's spouse. I believe this with my whole heart. I believe that even though affairs happen still that people can be repentant & that good can come from those relationships. Those relationships are some that my own father condemned. I know of 2 specifically that he spoke so vilely of because they were born of infidelity, and yet he proudly puffs his chest out feeling justified by his new engagement. 

Woe to those who distort Scriptures to justify their sin!

I will always fight and champion for marriages. 
This world needs to see people standing firm & fighting for their marriage. They see enough of people cheating, lying, and discarding spouses. I have chosen to fight for my marriage, and I give God full praise for the mighty work He's done in my marriage!

My new struggle is this..
How do I honor a man who is behaving so dishonorably?!
I'm at a completely loss, and it's completely out of my control, which irritates me exceptionally!
Please pray for me and my family as we sift through the rubble that was "the Core Four" as my dad often called us.

My mother is completely broken, and my sister is not a Christian. Pray that I may show them God's goodness & love. 
I also want to publicly brag on the amazing man that I married. After I messaged my dad pleading with him to take down the filth that he posted, he responded, and I literally couldn't do anything. Joseph stepped in and beautifully shared the Gospel with my dad at what was such a dark, ugly time. Through our short-comings and missteps as a married couple we've learned so much, and we have such a load of respect for one another. Joseph, you are the rock of our family. I'm so thankful that you, my rock, are standing confidently upon the firm Foundation of Christ. You showed grace, love, and mercy during a dark hour, and I was given peace of mind and heart by you. You amaze me daily, and I'm so very blessed to be your wife. 


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