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Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites 3.16.17

Another Friday & another edition of Friday Favorites
We've had so much this week that I've just loved, so let's get right into it!


The Hensley 5 has had a week full of super good food, and none of us are complaining.
I shared our Hello Fresh experience here on Wednesday, but little did I know that Wednesday's dinner would be ever better. We had sirloin stir fry, and I even roasted some Brussels Sprouts. They were surprisingly delicious, and that's coming from a super picky eater!
I was so into dinner that I totally spaced out grabbing a picture, but it was divine!!

We had lunch @ one of our favorite spots..
Tupelo Honey Cafe.
Nat and I shared this brunch!!
3 sweet potato pancakes, apple cider bacon, fried buttermilk chicken, grilled fruit, & 2 fried eggs.
This was heavenly!!
And we finished it off with our new favorite drink from Starbucks.
The iced cinnamon almond milk macchiato is so, so good, and it's semi-healthy.
My sister-in-law would add that this drink is kind!


All but one of us got haircuts, and they were way overdue!
My haircut was up first.
I had started to get headaches from wearing it up so much, and I really wanted a complete change. I'm so glad that I decided to cut it, and I'm so thankful for one of the best hairstylists ever knowing exactly what I needed.
The boys needed haircuts too, and they couldn't be more handsome if they tried.
 I mean, is GQ kids hiring?!
And Jojo needed a fresh trim too...and obviously the boys needed a silly picture!

Nataleigh is refusing to cut her hair because she wants to be Rapunzel!


While in Asheville last weekend, I found the cutest pair of sunglasses!! I've never really branched out from over-sized crazy sunglasses, but I decided to try a pair of aviators. I'm so glad I did because they are my new favorites. The even better thing about them is that I found them at a Dollar General for $6!
I mean, totally worth $6 right?!

--My Babies--

This week was big for the three Hensley kids.
Nataleigh had her 4-year check-up, and while she's still in the 15-18 percentile for height and weight, she's completely healthy. We had our last vaccinations for several years, and the child just amazed me at how strong and brave she was.
The boys received their report cards this week, and they both did fabulously.
Thursday we had parent-teacher conferences, and I'm so very proud of my boys. They have the intangibles..the things that schools & teachers cannot teach kids. They are kind, funny, great friends, thoughtful boys who have hearts the size of Africa. They put others' needs above their wants, and both teachers repeatedly told me that they are pure joys to have in class. We have some decisions coming up concerning Carson, and we covet any prayers out there. 
Basically everything about these three is my favorite!

--NCAA Basketball--

Every year I set up a group on ESPN for family members. It's always fun trash-talking with our sisters, and this year we let our boys and nephew join in on the fun!!
Our group, known as the Ballers & Shot-Callers!
And this year, since my Vols didn't make it, I'm cheering & hoping & praying that the Kansas Jayhawks make it all the way!
Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!

Happy Friday!!

Like most Fridays we are linking up with...
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Happy St. Patrick's Day!!



  1. What a great list of favorites! How great were your Parent-teacher conferences?!?! Those sunnies are so cute. I need to get on the Hello Fresh bus. Happy Friday Mama!

    1. Thanks!! And yes..so thankful for awesome parent-teacher conferences. #praisehands

  2. What a great list of favorites! How great were your Parent-teacher conferences?!?! Those sunnies are so cute. I need to get on the Hello Fresh bus. Happy Friday Mama!
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