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Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites 3.24.2017

Just when I think we've made it to Spring Break 2017, Stephen gets sick!
He's my healthy, zero complaints ever kiddos, so when he comes home from school & takes a nap, Mama knows something is up!
And of course it's the dang flu!
Because who else would kick off our Spring Break with the flu?!

So he's complained of a headache for day, but that was it. He had no other symptoms whatsoever. Thursday when he got home from school, he told Joe that the lights and sun hurt his eyes, so he wanted to lay down for a nap. This is the same kiddo who never ever get sick!
Joe met me at the Urgent Care after volleyball workouts where within minutes his test pinged positive for strain B.
{I heard from several sources that this is the worst strain, so double YIPPEE}

So today I'm linking up to wallow in my predicament, and to ask every to say a little prayer for my sweet firstborn. Also, pray that this nastiness doesn't run it's course through the Hensley 5...even though we are already taking bets on who gets hit next!
My bet is on Mama!
Thank goodness for these cooling patches. They are helping us manage that fever right now!
He's so bummed about missing school. He's that kid who loves, loves, loves school, and today at their school they are having a big EPIC party for good behavior for the last nine weeks as well as their Accelerated Reader popsicle party! He was also the class VIP, but his teacher informed us tonight that the class would celebrate Stephen as soon as they get back from SB!!


Side note: All of the kids got the Flu shot, and this is the first anything that the kids have caught this year.

The Flu is definitely not my favorite, but I did love sharing with y'all this week...

Another Favorite of mine that I've shared before is One Stop Bow Shop!!
Thursday they announced their new Spring Brand Reps, and Nataleigh was selected.
 She's super excited about more bows because ya can never have too many right?!
No shame in our bow game!

Today I'm linking with ErikaNarci, & Andrea for Friday Favorites!


  1. Oh no, I hope your sweet boy bounces back quick! Always the worst to be sick on a break:( Oh my word, that bow meme though, lol!!!

    1. Thanks!! I'm hoping he kicks the flu's butt pretty quickly. My hubby just shook his head when he found out we'd be getting more bows! No shame...

  2. Oh Britt, I am so sorry about Stephen getting sick. I am home with a sick little Maddi today to. She got the flu and has had it for two days now. This has been a horrible flu season...I had 10 kiddos gone one day from school with it. Prayers that it does not spread.

    1. Apparently a lot of 3rd graders are out this week, and of course it's the week before Spring Break. Hope your Maddie feels better!