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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

#HelloFresh + Busy Tuesday

Recently I was gifted a free week of meals from Hello Fresh from a friend from high school, Jamie Ferrell, so Joe & I selected our meals for this week's box. 
Our box arrived, and we were so excited.
She "needed" her picture taken with the box!
And she had to open it with us.
She's a bit nosey..maybe!!

Last night we cooked Turkey Meatball + Cavatappi with Broccoli & Basil Pesto Cream Sauce.
It was so good, and my kids (all but 1) ate their dinner.

The food for last night's dinner:

 ground turkey

sour cream.
Our finished product.

Our box made 15 meatballs, and plenty of pasta. 
The directions were so simple, and the product it put out was soooooo good & healthy.
I squeezed a lemon wedge on my portion, and it definitely made a difference. The lemon + basil combo is so good.
I love that Hello Fresh is introducing my kids to different flavor combinations. I also love that the grocery shopping is completely taken out of my hands, and you mamas out there understand how difficult it is at the grocery store with kids while finding the ingredients for a new recipe. 

This box couldn't have come on a better day. 
Nat had her 4-year check-up early this morning...

 This child loves, loves, loves herself a trip to the doctor..especially if she thinks that shots aren't happening.
 Just before finding out that shots are in her future.
She's healthy, sweet, and so, so sassy.
And with her strong daddy by her side, this girl can tackle any shots that may come her way!

And then we stopped by for lunch with the boys.
 Anyone wanna pull that snaggletooth for us?!
My big boy!!

I loved that our Hello Fresh box arrived on such a busy day. It made this mama's crazy Tuesday a little smoother & a whole lot yummier!
Hello Fresh will definitely be in our family's future!!
Tonight we are cooking this...
Lemongrass Steak Stir-Fry



  1. I love the ingredients in your Hello Fresh box! I have been wanting to try this for awhile. And the snaggle tooth made me laugh because we are dealing with that at our house...just PULL it (because Mama can't take it and isn't going to pull it...). Have a great day Britt!

    1. Oh I can't pull teeth. It gives me chills...& the first meal was so good!!!

  2. Now I am hungry and you are the 2nd person this week posting yummy Hello Fresh! dinner photos. I am so glad she is healthy and I will be right over for dinner tonight ;) xoxo ERIN