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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesdays: Kids Party Edition

Today we are joining Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesdays, and today we are talking about kids parties!

Here are some of the upcoming discussions!

We do kids parties differently than most. We used to have these big parties full of people, food, and toys, but while our kids enjoyed the two hours, we really didn't get to spend time with them & celebrate them. We decided in 2015 to nix big parties, and instead we do birthday celebration dinners with family & one friend.
 Stephen turned 9 & chose Buffalo Wild Wings for his dinner!
His sweet friend Luke joined us.
 We celebrated Carson turning 7 @ Mellow Mushroom
 Our nephew Camden & bestie Cooper {pictured} were so much fun!
Nataleigh loved being sung to & eating her ice cream cake while turning 3 at The Mad Greek.
And I shared last month about Nataleigh celebration. She decided that she would rather have a shopping trip to The American Girl Doll store than anything else, and it was so much fun!
Read all about her 4th birthday celebration HERE!

We let each kid pick out the restaurant, and our families join us for dinner. The grandparents always grab a little something for the birthday kiddo, and then we sing & laugh & remember some of the most precious memories of our birthday babe.

We don't regret one bit about cutting out the over-the-top, out-do so & so on Facebook parties. They quickly turned into validating ourselves as parents & filling our house with too much stuff. These celebrations are ALL about the birthday boy or girl, and our kids are having so much more fun with these celebrations.
Our kids' birthdays have become days that I cherish more and more every year. Simple, yet exceedingly filled with happiness & love!

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  1. We are really laid back with Birthday parties too! My kids get to choose a couple of friends for a little party (Maddi's is at our house this year) and then a dinner with family. I really don't fuss about decorations or anything fancy because they just want to play and have cupcakes. I used to get so stressed out and now they are enjoyable! I love how you celebrate!

    1. I was the same way. These are so much more meaningful to us.