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Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday I shared that the Flu had infested our house!
{womp womp}

Carson was completely healthy, & as per the doc's orders, he took it on to school. Their school celebrated the end of the 9 weeks with a HUGE, EPIC celebration that included a volleyball match, concessions, and loads of entertainment from the teachers.
Carson had a blast, and Stephen was totally bummed!
He did have his iPad & the XBOX to keep him entertained, though.
We grabbed our current favorite movie, Sing, and we've been rocking to it all weekend long!
And a certain super-cute 7-year old had his first baseball practice of the season.
Gatorade & Ranch sunflower seeds were a must-have for Friday night!
Saturday we woke up with Stephen still suffering from his fever & flu symptoms. This strain B is rough on a kiddo. Fever-reducing meds weren't helping at all, and neither did the Tamiflu. The doctors decided that we needed to attempt to let his fever elevate high enough to let his body naturally kill the flu. This was so tough because as mama, I just wanted him to feel better.
Joe offered to take the Littles to the playground for a while, so Stephen could rest & they wouldn't go stir-crazy.

Always a ball of some kind!

And how cute is this outfit?!
Love this girl & her sass so big!
Carson & Joe headed back to the second practice of the season, and we just hung out watching basketball & resting.
This boy was temporarily moved to our bed while his brother has fought off the flu.

Sunday, Joe & Carson headed to church, and my mom & Nataleigh headed to Seymour, TN to crown the new Cinderella Cameo Girl.
I hate I couldn't go, but I just felt that I needed to stay home with my sweet Stephen!
 Off she goes.
It was raining, and she was dying to wear this sweet Matilda Jane robe!
She had a blast hanging out with her friends.
 2016 TN Cameo Tot: Nataleigh
2017 International Cameo Tot: Mabry
 Nat & Brooklyn
These two keep us cracking up, and they are such a mess together.
B did so well too, and she won Photogenic!!
Crowing the new 2017 TN Cameo Girl!

We've been functioning well enough considering the flu & life. Of course on the weekend that mama decides to start an Advocare Journey, we have a sick, sweet baby. 
And this drink has been quite a life-saver.
I've maintained my energy with this fruit punch Spark & the supplements, and thank goodness for our Hello Fresh box!!

Click HERE if you are interested in trying Hello Fresh for your family!
It's been so worth it for our family to have yummy, healthy options. 

Overall, our family was forced to slow-down, and stay home this weekend. It was so nice, but I'm ready for my babies to feel 100%. Hopefully we'll be healthy enjoying the kids' Spring Break with some nice weather...#fingerscrossed

Happy Monday!


  1. So sorry about Stephen and the flu. BOO! That little robe is so cute! I hope for no more sickies at your house. Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks so much! Her robe is her new favorite thing ever!

  2. I am glad you are all on the mend. I learn new things about y'all every time I visit which I love :). xoxo ERIN