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Monday, March 6, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

I love a weekend where very little pictures were taken. 
We've not had a weekend like this in so long. 
Much was unpacked, cleaned, and relaxed. It was so needed & oh so good!

Thursday night I had to work another shift at the Science Hill concession stand, and y'all it was just as crazy as last time, except the time frame was shorter. I slept like a champ that night because I was exhausted. Our school hosted both the district & regional tournaments [Side Note: we won both as well].
After dropping the boys off at school, Nat & I hung out while working on laundry. 
Nothing major.
 Best Friday in forever!
These three hung out for a bit watching more Tim Hawkins videos. When we Friday night, we go big! Nataleigh, Carson, and I headed to a Matilda Jane Trunk Show at one of Carson's best buddies, while Joe & Stephen had Mexican food & NBA time together!
So much fun just sitting around a table with sweet friends!
I'm so thankful for those friendships that God has given me. 
He is so, so good!
Saturdays are supposed to be for sleeping in & fixing late breakfasts together, and that's exactly what we did. We haven't had a Saturday off since volleyball officially started in August. We were due.
While I cooked, with a little help from Jojo...
 veggie scramble
& biscuits and gravy...
Joe & the kiddos did a little workout!
We enjoyed free coffees because they took so long @ Starbucks, and these cinnamon almond milk macchiatos were divine!!

So Nat loves her Barbies & their dreamhouse, but she hates picking up her room. It normally looks like a tornado has gone through there at any given time of the day, and Carson had enough. I found him elbow-deep in dolls..
 Love that boy!!
 And she was just as surprised that her brother did all of this.
Girl mom tip...
Buy a shoe holder, and stick the dolls on the back of the door, and check out that pride beaming from my boy!!
Sundays are for church...& quick photo shoots outside of the church!
Love these faces.

Sundays are also for funny photo sessions after church with my love!
Love him!
Even when he's more concerned with flexing so much! 
We love Harry Potter marathon snuggles after naptime, and we definitely still love SnapChat {britthensley}.
Finally..like most Sundays we ended it watching the WWE Fastlane.
I'd like to blame it on being a boy mom, but honestly Joe & I are more invested than the kids are. They still love it, but we engage in actual conversations about storylines. We also laugh at ourselves about this!

I want to leave y'all with this little nugget of motivation for the week. 
Find the true source of our purpose & life...Jesus!
Being fully submitted to His will is enough.
Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend and having a down one is such a treasure!!!! I'll be over for breakfast next time ;)! Love the last but - He is our source so thankful for that :)! Xoxo Erin

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend! That breakfast looks amazing, and you are so right, Saturdays are made for sleeping in!