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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up, Wednesday 3.29.17

Linking with Shay | Mel | Sheaffer

This month like every other month we'll be answering these questions... 

What We're Eating

Hello Fresh!!

And Halo Top Ice Cream

These two items have made my mama-life a whole lot easier, and they are so dang tasty.
Get a box & save some money HERE, and thank me later!!!
This ice cream is a must-try. Our favorite flavors are oatmeal cookie & peanut butter cup, and they are healthy options for dessert!!

What I'm Reminiscing About

Well just yesterday we linked up with Andrea from Momfessionals, and we shared our favorite pictures. I couldn't narrow it down to just 5, so I shared 5 of each of my kids HERE!

What I'm Loving

We are officially in Spring in Tennessee. These temperatures have been amazing. 

Spring has sprung!
And Starbucks has this amazing new drink.
Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato.
So, so amazing!!

What We've Been Up to

A lot!
We wrapped up basketball, and we started baseball. Nat has dance every Monday, and she took a gymnastics class, which she LOVED!! We even had Nataleigh's 4-year check-up that she slayed..shots & all.

March was a busy month for the Hensley 5, and we loved every single minute of it!!

What I'm Dreading

Not a dang thing!!

What I'm Working On

I recently {last week} dropped off so many dang clothes off at a local consignement sale, and I thankfully sold so much. It was the ideal time to begin the closet clean-out. I got all of the Fall/Christmas/Winter stuff out of the closets, and now I'm working on restocking the kids' stuff. It's a chore that I wish I didn't love, but I stinking love every bit of it!
 {organizing the tags}

A couple of our favorite restocked items!!

What I'm Excited About

I mentioned earlier that our temperatures are so nice right now. That means our kids will not be going stir crazy anymore. They love playing outside, and now that Spring has sprung, #allthepraisehands

What I'm Watching/Reading

No shame!!
I'm obsessed with the Blacklist!
I broke Netflix marriage rule number 1...I continued binge-watching without Joe. I felt bad for a hot second, but then the next episode started.
Yes!! We loved Beauty & the Beast so much!! 
She's still talking about how much fun she had!

What I'm Listening to

My husband hysterically laughing.
He's become quite enamored with Youtube videos, and right now as I type this he's watching a video & cannot breathe. 

What I'm Wearing

A whole lot of yoga pants & tees.
We are full-blown in the middle of off-season workouts. We have strength & conditioning 3 nights a week, open gym at least once a week, and try-outs coming up in a few weeks. We are happily in the gym training for next season 4 days a week, and I'm so proud of our girls!!
Don't you wish getting fit was like osmosis, but alas it isn't!!

What We're Doing This Weekend

Taking a little trip to Georgia to see my favorite nephew for his birthday
I love the time spent with my sister-in-law, & a roadtrip with my mother-in-law is going to be so much fun!
Prayers for traveling mercy and well-behaved kids in the car!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

We have 2 out of 5 Easter outfits ready to go!
And the matching mama dress!!
I love celebrating Easter.
The songs, the messages, and just the specialness of the Easter season!

What Else is New

My new-found love for Spark from Advocare.
Y'all know that I'm quite the coffee lover, but I've been drinking this lately. I'm hooked. I have energy, and I feel like it's a bit healthier. My sweet friend Alex is the one to talk to about all this!!!


What is your favorite Spring wardrobe piece?!

WHITE DENIM, and all the mamas cringe out there.
I can't help it, though. I love how crisp and clean white jeans and jackets look!

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  1. You all have been SO busy. I am going to try that Starbucks drink on Saturday...I am excited for it! It will power me through all the sports. YAY for spring! And I love all the white denim in the spring. I hope you have a great rest of your week Britt!

  2. I have white jeans and I am going to wear them this year. I didn't last year with an infant but I am hoping I can do it without sitting on chocolate or any other random food item ;). We are excited for Easter too and have the girls dresses bought, my guys will probably where what they have in their closet because they don't care ;). I am SO jealous of your warm temps....we will be right down for a visit. Are you in western, eastern or central TN????

    1. We are in the Northeast corner of TN..close to Virginia. It's gorgeous up here in the Smoky Mountains!
      And yay to white denim. I love it all!