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Monday, March 20, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday

Today we are Workin' it, Wednesday Monday!
A couple of weeks ago the host bloggers for this link-up lost one of their frams, and this link-up got pushed back a couple of weeks to today.
It's such a fun, monthly link up, and today we are discussing how we make it work between work & family.

I wear several hats proudly, and I want to take this post to explain my job titles & just how they work within my family.
Let me start by saying that I am super lucky!
I consider myself a very blessed mama. I get the opportunity to stay home with my kids, and I was solely a proud SAHM for many years. I've experienced every first. Every first step, every first full night's sleep, etc. Those are memories that I'll never lose. I've also experienced almost every single diaper change, teething fit, and such. Choosing to stay home with babies is so rewarding, but it's also so challenging. It's a daily challenge to invest in yourself while you are pouring everything you have into the little miracles you have. I'm responsible for every single need most of every day, and I love it. I love wiping those noses, drying those eyes, and kissing those boo-boos away. I relish in the fact that I have all these memories and moments with my babies. This SAHM life is something that I could never, ever thank Joseph enough for. He's given me the very best life, and I'm so exceptionally thankful.

It wasn't until last Fall that I made the decision to coach high school volleyball again, and I love it! It's a very short, very busy season, and it asks a lot out of my hubby and me as far as time goes. We are actually already in preseason! Most weeks in-season we have games on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and a weekend tournament. We practice on open Wednesdays & Fridays, and we do this from the beginning of August until the middles of October. It's A LOT! 
My sweetheart is an absolute rockstar too, and he's my biggest encourager. He knows how much I love the game of volleyball, and he knows how much I need this little thing of my own. He fully supports and cheers me on. During volleyball season, he is the homework-doing, dinner-fixing, concession stand hopping Super Dad. 

Another 'job' of mine that is 24/7, 365 days a year is Pastor's wife. This job is so much more difficult than coaching. We never have time away from this particular job, but the rewards are so much sweeter. We have been fortunate enough to see precious lives surrender to Christ. We've held hands and prayed as loved ones slipped from this world to Heaven. We've held those who have experienced deep heartache from infidelity, addiction, and total loss. It's a lifestyle, and it's an area that we haven't always "worked."
We've been open with our failures in ministry, and while some would want us to stay in those failures, God wants us to remember that when we are weak that He is strong. 
Today we do ministry differently. Before we tried to 'fix' things that were not our's to fix. We wanted immediate answers for burdens. Now, however, we are wholeheartedly dependent upon God. We let Him lead, convict, and direct our lives. We are letting Him receive every ounce of glory, because we don't deserve any. We are desperately rooting ourselves deep into His Word. We are practicing honesty, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Ministry is so much better now that we are living it in His freedom. Before we held to the principles & commandments more than we held on to Him. There is true freedom in letting go, and letting God!

I know I fail every single day as a mom, coach, and Pastor's wife, but I try to wake up the next day determined to better. 

Today we are linking up with Shay & Erika for Workin' It Wednesday
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  1. Love this post Britt! You wear so many hats! I loved reading about the ministry and how you balance all of that. Have a great Monday!

  2. I'm a SAHM and sometimes I get lost in the every day monotonous tasks so it was refreshing to hear your positive appreciation for getting the privilege of wiping booties and kissing boo boos. Great post!

    1. Thanks! Keep your head up, mama. You are doing a great job!

  3. I love the perspective you have on your busy life and all the roles you fill!