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Monday, April 10, 2017

10 on 10

Nothing like a good link-up for an excuse to clean out my purse!
I would love to say that my bag is always super organized, but I'm constantly throwing stuff from the kids, Joe, and myself down in my tote. I live for my totes, seriously! They are big, deep, and they hold all of my family's crap..

Today we are linking up with one of my favorite blogging buddies, Erin, and we are sharing 10 things in our purse right now!
Bare with me!!
If this tote looks familiar, then you follow the blog, and I appreciate you.
 I shared it HERE last year, and I'm still loving this bag.
All Hensley 5 stuff dumped in there!
{Real life here}
The 10 things, and I will say that I didn't include the gum wrappers & random mints, M&M's, etc that I tossed while photographing this stuff. 


I have at least 2 sets normally, but today I just had my school keys!


Papers from Sunday
A doctor's excuse for Carson because the Strep!!
 Art that Nataleigh made in Sunday School
And one of Stephen's doodle from church. I love how much my kiddos are letting God's Word just saturate their lives!


My new Matilda Jane pouches!
Yes to all of these!
They are waterproof and just incredible quality.
I have chapstick, mints, gum, etc in the smaller pink one, and the green one holds my first aid stuff. As a momma of 3 kids, I'm constantly looking for a band-aid, benadryl, or pain relief, and this pouch corrals it all. 
Right now these 2 pouches & the matching tote {wait until I share what I'm having done to it} are available for purchase from Matilda Jane with any order of $175. I have two incredible Trunk Keepers that can hook you up!


A glove & a mask, but not for the reasons you are thinking.
I did not grab these at the doctor's office yesterday, but my daughter did, however, grab these at the nail salon. My momma took me for my birthday pedicure yesterday, and it was so FABULOUS!
This child has too much dang personality!


Wallet & my favorite pen!
Basic Coach wallet that I've had for years!


A Target return


Scentsy booklet!
My sweet friend, Brittany, is a Scentsy distributor, and I have Scentsy in almost every room of my house!


This has been my go-to lately.
The supplements and the Spark have helped me control my diet and energy so much better. I have a sweet friend, Alex, who sells this!
I just realized that a lot of my life functions because of my tribe of mommas that help me every day. They are supportive in more than just the products they represent, and I LOVE supporting incredibly hard-working, loyal, loving friends!


Carson's baseball sunglasses
I totally swiped these from Nataleigh the other day, so they wouldn't get broken, because that would lead to an epic meltdown.


Chick-Fil-A kids' meals toys
I always have some of these in my bag, and Nataleigh loves these! I love how they make her think outside the box and flex those creative brain cells!

Things I always have in my purse...
my cell phone, Shopkins, a water bottle, and a charger!

But really I think most moms can relate to the next two memes.



  1. That's quite a unique collection of things in your handbag!

    1. Seriously random like my every day life! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I had to laugh at the laugh meme because I always have some random snack floating around my purse that fell out of its wrapper or something, or people are just throwing food into my purse wondering how long it takes me to notice?!? I love everything your bag. Have a great Monday Britt!

    1. Thanks so much! It's a hot mess most days, but it's real-life!

  3. your memes are SPOT ON - yes just yes! Ok so a good tote is hard to replace, that's how I feel about mine. When I think about going to another, I just can't part with mine! HA! The only problem is, it really is like a black hole. Can we talk about how cute those Matilda Jane pouches are....CUUUTE! Thanks for linking up, you are the best :) SO THANKFUL for you! xoxo ERIN

    1. I loved this link-up! You're killing the blog game, mama!! Extra thankful for you!

  4. I love those memes... so true! And I cracked up that you had a glove and a mask in your bag. Lol.

    1. The things a 4-year old will stuff in there! Haha..it kept her entertained while I got a pedicure!!