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Friday, April 7, 2017

5 Friday Favorites 4.7.17

We've had another full week, and it was a mostly normal busy week!

We had baseball, dance, work, school, and everything that goes on to make this family of 5 function!
Let's get right into my list of this week's #FridayFavorites.


Nataleigh recently was given the awesome opportunity to be a brand rep for One Stop Bow Shop, and we are LOVING their bows. This week our monthly bow box arrived, and we are smitten.
Our order included the 5 April bows & 4 amazing options!
Check out this Easter bow!
{Oh my heart}

Some of the bows we received even match some of the new Matilda Jane release!
 All three of these please!
{And that smaller pink one is glittery!}

The Mango XL Grosgrain matches perfectly to our favorite dress from last release!
They have seriously some beautiful bows and accessories for every little girl.


Give me all the tea!
I stopped by our local fave Blackbird Bakery for some yummy desserts, and the weather called for something warm. The teas just looked so good, and this is coming from an avid coffee drinker!
I grabbed THIS yummy tea, and it has now made me want to go buy all things hot tea.
Now I just need a teapot & tea.


Last week I sent several totes to a local consignment sale, so this week I've been trying to reload from some of my favorite resale boards on Facebook!
I snagged some amazing deals, and I just had to share Nat's favorite mail goodies.
 Pink Mini Melissa cat shoes!
Oh em gee!
These are in perfect condition, and she's obsessed!!

There is nothing that screams summer for us more that Matilda Jane + Salt Water sandals, and these gold will match so much! They too are in perfect condition.


Like I mentioned earlier, I stopped by Blackbird, and I decided to switch it up from my normal tiramisu. I grabbed this amazing, scrumptious mini Key Lime cheesecake! I cannot tell y'all enough how seriously great this cheesecake is!


Reality tv!!
As sad as it is that some of my favorite housewives series are ending for the season, it only means that the Reunions are here!!
..Quick Beverly Hills thoughts..
Rinna: Crazy, like loco crazy.
Eileen: Rinna's boss.
Kyle: My favorite this season.
Erika: Realest, but a little cold for good reasons.
LVP: The Queen.
Dorit: Crazy, but honest.

And that also means that another Bravo favorite of mine returns..
The Real Housewives of New York!!
These women always serve some serious crazy drama, and there's the whole Tom-Luann engagement that will continue all season long!

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  1. I think I might be alone in these thoughts but I'd pick a Rinn's crazy over Dorit crazy any day. Hahahaha!

    1. Rinna throws those haymakers. Neither are really good girlfriends though. I would need an LVP puppy to snuggle with after that! Ha

  2. I completely agree with all your RHofBH personality assessments. Kyle is the best and I love Erika!

    Gina from Girl on the Cusp

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love an RH franchise, but these two are probably my favorites!

  3. Hey lady those little shoes you picked up are the cutest and your hubbys post yesterday, how fun is that?!?!?

    1. Oh my hubby is just a mess! He really is the best though! :)

  4. Kyle is my favorite too. Rinna is just a big fat liar LOL well except for the big fat part! Great finds at your consignment thing.

    1. hahaha yes!! The only thing big and fat on her is her lips..& them lies! Thanks for stopping by!