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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

First Quarter Recap

Can y'all believe it's April already?!
I mean the first quarter of the year has flown by, and the Hensley 5 have been quite busy.
Today I wanted to recap a little of what's been going on in our lives.

We've celebrated birthdays...

Two of my favorite people ever have birthdays right next to each other {1/2 & 1/4}.

...We've had date nights...

...and haircuts...

We've flexed...{A LOT}

{insert biceps emoji x100 here}

We've gone from basketball to baseball with some volleyball & dance sprinkled in.

So far, this quarter of 2017 has been busy & so full of fun and laughter. I'm so thankful for the time spent and memories made with my favorite people, and I cannot wait to see what's in store for the rest of this year!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!


  1. What a fun-filled recap of the year so far. Wow, are we really a quarter of the way done?!?! Wasn't it just Halloween? I love the flexing pics. Have a great one Britt!

    1. Oh that's all their daddy! I feel as though we blinked and 25% of the year is finished!

  2. What a cute post and yes I can't believe we are into April either xoxo ERIN