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Friday, April 21, 2017

Fri-YAY Faves 4.21.17

We have had one heck of a good week, and it's not over yet!
And our week has felt so, so good!!

Between the kids' schedules, we are constantly running around, and honestly spending that time with the kids at whatever they love is a major favorite for us!
Whether it's dance night..
...where we try cute, new hairstyles...
or baseball night when we are cheering our favorite Royal on...
or watching our favorite first born work on improving his basketball skills, we are loving watching these three blessings grow & have fun!!

This week Stephen experienced the first year of state-wide testing, and he was pretty confident about the tests!
We dropped him off each day with loads of encouragement & prayers.

We had some grey skies & rainy days this week, but that didn't stop us from having a mini-shoot outside!

These bows & this dress will always be a favorite!
Y'all need to go ahead and order May's bow box from One Stop Bow Shop because it's just so pretty!!
Follow them @onestopbowshop to stay up-to-the-minute on all these gorgeous accessories!

Another funny favorite has been Jojo figuring out Instagram!
He's not big on social media for a lot of reasons, but he decided to get one. It's been HILARIOUS, and inspirational..mostly hilarious though!
Follow him @joe__hensley
Those insta-stories are definite favorites for us!!

I've bravely started wearing lipstick this week, and it's not a normal part of my makeup routine. It's quickly though becoming a favorite, for sure! A fellow dance mom started selling that LipSense, and y'all I'm hooked. I want every color she has, and so does Nat!
My current collection..
 Praline Rose
These topped with glossy gloss = all day lip color!!!

Last night we took the kiddos for frozen yogurt, and it was the perfect Thursday night splurge!
 TCBY for the win!
 Pink yogurt + sprinkles
 Clearly I disturbed his yogurt-eating abilities by asking for a picture!
 Okay..fake smile just to shut mama up!
Seriously ridiculously good!!
TCBY now has a self-serving yogurt bar..yep!!
And this little girl needed a picture with the best dad ever!!

Nat got this hula hoop last weekend from my mom for Easter, and she can't stop, won't stop. She says she's practicing for the hula contest at her State pageant in June! 
The cutest!!

And we've been laughing all week at some major #truthbombs
I legit laughed for several minutes, and my kids just didn't understand why mama thought this picture of J.Timberlake was so dang funny.
It's gonna me MAY!!!

Oh thanks for swinging by and dealing with the randomness of this week's Friday Favorites, but our week has basically been full of fun, laughter, and oh so much love!
Happy Weekend, y'all!!!

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  1. Sweetest little ballerina :) Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  2. My husband got an instagram account just to follow me and family. He is following 13 and has 11 followers - LOL! I am so so so glad you had a great week my friend. I love how you stacked her bow. I have things very similar so thanks for the idea! ALSO we are just getting into Wellie Wishers around here so I love your daughter's boots. How do you decide which one to get?????? xoxo ERIN

  3. We have Ashlyn because Nataleigh is a princess ;) & Ashlyn has a crown! I love Willa though!!!

  4. Sounds like a busy busy week! Love Nataleighs photo shoot, your kiddos are adorable!

  5. The frozen yogurt looks so good! I've been seeing lipsense everywhere lately! It's a little more than I'd usually spend on lipstick, do you know how long a tube lasts?

    1. These are my first tubes, and I'm not a big lipstick user. I love not having to reapply at all broughout the day, and I agree the price tag is more than my normal e.l.f. I love!