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Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Favorites 4.28.2017

Shew! It's Friday, and state-wide testing is officially finished for the boys!
Yesterday I shared a little of what we've been up to this week, and it's a lot. 
Let's get right into sharing what we are loving right now!


This boy.
This mail.
This smile.
I told y'all yesterday that Carson received some of the sweetest letters from his favorite Carolina girl, and later I found this picture I had forgotten I snapped. I cannot stop staring at those big, brown eyes, and how sweet is that smirk?! He was so proud that Kylee sent him letters, & he even put them up on his dresser because they were 'so special.' 


Healthy options.
My hubby has been super focused on fitness & healthy-living, and he is kicking butt @ it. I'm seriously so proud of him, and his results are encouraging me to make some changes.
Seriously..so proud of him!!
 {brussels sprouts}
We both like these veggies best when we roast them with olive oil or sunflower oil & salt/pepper until they are charred. They are kind of like chips, and they are delicious. I've eaten roasted broccoli chips every single day this week, and I'll probably be eating it again today.
 {Blue Raspberry Spark}
And I even have a shaker bottle. 
Maybe I'll trade my iced coffee for a protein shake soon, but for now these little steps are helping me feel a lot healthier. I know I'll start seeing results if I stay patient & consistent.
We are planning on sharing how we meal plan a couple of days at a time, so we save time fixing healthier meals.


This week has been so crazy busy, and one night this week we got home late. Frosted Flakes was for dinner. I love, heart, adore cereal, and right now this is my jam.


I'm plugging them once again to let you all know about the great deal they are running & to show you the incredible deals and bundles they have.
By using Code: Brittany @ check-out will get you $5 off your order & a surprise holiday bow, and check out these beautiful 4th & Memorial Day accessories that are just sitting there waiting on you to grab them.
OSBS helps us Matilda Jane Mamas out big time. They make bundles to match MJ outfits perfectly.

These are three of my favorites, and the next MJ release is next week. Y'all need to grab these bundles {& save $5 with code: Brittany} before they are gone!
This deal expires on 4/30, so hurry on over and grab some bows!


I know so many out there are on my same struggle bus. It's baseball & dance recital season, and this mama is shoulder-deep in volleyball pre-season workouts. Life isn't slowing down.
 I'm having to remind myself of this every day.
And yes ma'am I for sure did order this tee for myself!

We pray that you and your family have a fabulously relaxing weekend while we are running around between baseball, church, and family time. 
Today is my favorite {only} sister's birthday. 
Gigi, we love you some kinda big. We've not always appreciated each other as much as either of us would like, but this past year has got us stuck like glue to each other. And I'm so grateful for our friendship. You are a tough woman who loves big & protects her family with fierce tenacity, and yet you are kind, loving, and so gentle with my babies. You are such a rock in our family. 
Love you big, sis, and happiest of birthdays!!

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  1. What a fun list of favorites. You are SOOO right about this season being insane, but summer is around the corner. And, it is all fun stuff so I can't complain. Also, I love that shirt! Too funny and so true. Have a happy Friday and a great weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness baseball season is crazy! I hope I survive but the joy in my sons face is so sweet! Have a great weekend Britt!

    1. I hope I survive too. How cute are little baseball boys?! Oh my heart!! 😍😍