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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Life Lately

This week we've been linking up like crazy!
10 on the 10th
Show & Tell: Prom
Workin' It Wednesday

We've been so busy with these link ups that I didn't get to share our normal weekend recap, so I thought today I would share what life lately has been looking like.
Boy oh Boy has it been busy & fun!

We kicked our weekend off at Opening Day for the Daniel Boone Little League, and my baseball boys are just too cute!
 First off..how hot is Jojo?!
Secondly, when did Carson get so tall?!
 This girl & her shenanigans kept me on my toes the whole time!
 And she loved aggravating her biggest brother.
I did catch this sweet hug from her while he petted her head!
Yes, petted!
 She was done!
And thanks to Joe for snapping this while he was on the field during the National Anthem!
After baseball, we hung out at home while watching the Masters & got everything ready for Sunday.
Curl-formers for the hair win!
These little things make my mornings a little easier when it comes to fixing this daughter of mine's hair!
 The after hair + a One Stop Bow Shop bow = Sunday #perfection
Palm Sunday with my three!
Caught this sweetheart writing notes!
{Thanks Uncle Sluder for sharing your Bible with Stephen}
She was working this outfit while I grabbed a pedicure with my mom! It was super fun girl time!
She made friends with everyone @ Polish Nail Bar

On the way home, Joe said that Carson was feeling pretty sick, so I took him to the doctor's office where it was determined that he had Strep! 
{womp womp}
But he's still so cute!

We grabbed the medicine & a slushie since his throat hurt so badly, and then we busted home just in time to watch Sergio win!
It was so well-deserved & long awaited for this guy! 

After dance on Monday, this girl & I headed to Carson's first game of the season!
He had an RBI-single a day after being diagnosed with Strep!
[He was no longer contagious because we had been fever-free for over 24 hours + on antibiotics for over 24 hours too]
That kiddo is just so tough, and the Royals got their first win of the season!

Tuesday was a pretty relaxing day!
It was full of sunshine though, and we are loving this weather right now!

A quick little picture before we headed to drop the boys off at school!!
When did Stephen get so tall?! 
I swear he was just toddling around, and then I blinked!!

After dropping the boys off at school, Nat and I headed to my grandparents' farm to check on the cows & the brand-new baby calf!
Tennessee girl
Telling them good morning
 Great-grandparents time!
The best kinda love!
This little girl went and bottle-fed the new baby calf, and then while washing her hands, she noticed the fresh strawberries!
She stood here for a while snacking & looking out of the window @ the cows.
This may just be my new favorite picture!

After grabbing the boys from school, we all met up at Old Navy to finish our Easter outfits off!

 "Bunny Ears"
 And this boy was done once we found his outfit, so he pulled out his library book!
Judy Blume for the win!!

After dinner on Wednesday, we worked on Spelling words!
I mean 16 words on a shortened week..Come on!!

And after we put the kids to bed, we were super wild and crazy, and we cleaned the kitchen and folded laundry!

And Wednesday. And Thursday. And Probaby Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, but really who's counting!!

Happy Thursday!!


  1. How fun is this recap?!?! Yay for baseball! Guy has his first game this Saturday and I cannot wait to watch! I love the picture of your girl with her curly hair and the Matilda Jane and then washing strawberries. What a fun week you all have had!

    1. Yes!! It's been a fun-filled, but now mama needs a nap!

  2. Ok the curlers and the Bible writing are my favorites!!!!! Xoxo Erin

    1. Those curl formers make this hair-illiterate mama capable of fixing hair