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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday

Today we are linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for her Show & Tell link-up, and today we are sharing Prom pictures. 

So I sent my Mom searching through our pictures for some Prom gems, but the only one we could find was this one from my Senior year.
Me with some of my best friends!!
Okay, so the big, pouffy, white dress was probably not my finest decision. 
I had gone to 4 formals in 3 years in high school that by the time my Senior Prom rolled around, I just wanted to go with my friends. It was such a headache dealing with dates, so several of us went with each other. It was the most fun formal I went to in all 4 years. We then headed over to a friends house with tons of others for swimming and a sleepover!
FUN & more FUN!
This was my least favorite dress too, but still it was so much fun!
Here's a picture of my oh so handsome hubby going to Prom. 
We didn't meet until we were in college, but how handsome was this fella!!
(I would have to say that he's even more dang handsome now)

I hate that I couldn't find more pictures, but since my parents' divorce, a lot of our family pictures are packed and not sorted in storage right now. 

Some things I wish I had known then...
  • Dance more
  • Take more pictures
  • Plan the day with friends
  • Laugh until you cannot laugh anymore
  • These are the easiest days of your life...enjoy them
  • Avoid the dramatic people 
  • Have so much fun
Also, thinking back to Prom reminds me of my absolute favorite fictional Prom ever...

I mean, does it get better than Gellar & Green heading to Prom on F.R.I.E.N.D.S?!
And I feel as though I can't end a post with formal pictures without sharing my favorite formal selfie ever..
Homecoming 199something.
I look as miserable about those puffy sleeves as that wilted carnation!!
Serious style icon right here!

This was so much fun!
Thanks Andrea.

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  1. I also wore a big white puffy prom dress for mine as well. I LOVED that dress :) I loved this post!

    1. It was too hot, & my skin tone works better with other colors! Oh well..live & learn

  2. I love your pictures and your tips. I wish I had gone with a big group to prom and took more pictures.

  3. So fun! I wanted a white prom dress in the worst way but my mom said no. :( Ha! We weren't allowed to go solo to our proms -- you had to have a date -- also a hassle!!

    1. Oh that is a hassle! I went to sseveral formals at different schools, so I think that upped the awkwardness. I wish I had thought about my own skin tone before opting for the white dress! My fave dress was my Navy Junior prom dress! 😍😍