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Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

Anyone else out there in blogger land?!
This weekend we needed an extra "rest" day.

Our weekend started Friday when I headed over to Asheville to meet up with my mother-in-law & kiddos to travel to just outside of Atlanta in Cumming, Georgia to celebrate our nephew's 8th birthday!
Literally as soon as we got there the four boys basketballed it up while the my sister-in-law, Lesley, her bonus child Katie, and I soaked up the beautiful Georgia sun. Nat ran around with Lesley's sweet pups all afternoon! It was such fun just enjoying the weather!
 We enjoyed mostly quiet moments with iPads and giggles from the three besties!! 
Cousins really make the best of buddies!!
And after a whole lot of prompting and begging from me, Lesley, and my mother-in-law, Connie, this sweet thing let Mimi pull his tooth!
It's a job this mama just cannot do.

Saturday we all got up and ready for the birthday party, and this sweet thing wants to be like Katie when she grows up. She even had to put makeup on just like Katie!
A quick twirly photo session was a must!

 This Jelly the Pug dress has some serious twirl-factor!

Then we loaded everyone up to head to the birthday party @ Chuck E. Cheese.
At least we got some cute pictures & some crappy prizes from all our tickets!!

 This Mimi is kinda crazy about this sassy girl!

 Quint, Lesley's other bonus child, and Stephen developed quite the friendship, and they hung out the entire time! Thank you Quint and Katie for loving my sweet babes as much as you do! We are so thankful that you are part of our family.
The 4 Littles, and of course I did a fabulous job getting a picture of all 6 of the grands together!
We headed back home!!
But first swung by the lake house out on Lake Hartwell, and it was so nice to stretch our legs for a bit!
We even saw a couple of turtle shells by the water line!
We needed to refuel both the car and ourselves!
If I get anywhere near the Piedmont of the Carolinas, I must grab a Sundrop. Living in Gastonia for 7 years made me a tad spoiled to the best drink evah!!

Sunday, after getting home late Saturday, Carson spiked a little fever. He has super bad allergies, and I really think he had been around and out in too much pollen this weekend. The kiddos and I stayed home from church just in case. 
So we played 'dress up' a bit while cleaning out some of Nataleigh's clothes. I just like double-checking sizes and fit before we change the seasons out completely!

Clearly she was amused by it!
We got our picks in for Wrestlemania, and I fixed some yummy food for us.
Check out my insta-story {@britthensley} to see all the yumminess, including a pan-full of roasted veggies!
Stephen asked a simple question, which got a simple response, and then he topped it off with the sweetest answer ever!
I love how my kids are grasping the goodness of God. 
Then we settled down and watched Wrestlemania 33, and y'all, Nat and I were squealing when this happened! It's about time Cena. And oh em gee...that ring!!

All in all this week of Spring Break was great. We were able to get away for a bit, but now we are happily refreshed to finish these last couple of weeks before Summer Break gets here. 
Prayers are greatly appreciated for us today. There are some big things happening around the Hensley 5, and we know that God will open those doors for us in His timing! 
May He continue to get all the glory, for He is so, so good!

Happy Monday!


  1. Lots of prayers heading your way girl! What a great weekend you all had. That Cena picture made me laugh...I know nothing about wrestling but my students (and some co-workers) OBSESSED with WWE and John Cena this year and I have learned SO much about him. I kind of like him without knowing him so I hope he is a good guy! Hahaha! Have a great Monday!

    1. Oh girl! We've been wrestling obsessed for several years now, and John Cena is the best role model for boys. He's awesome!!