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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday

Today we are linking up with Shay & Erika for their monthly chat session where we are discussing how we make different aspects of our life "WORK!" 

Today we are sharing how we are working @ Spring Cleaning, so let's get right into it!
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Today I want to share where I've been spending most of my time Spring Cleaning, and honestly it's where I spend most of my time cleaning anyways...Nataleigh's closet!
She has so many clothes, which we are super thankful for, but really it's because she's so petite. She tends to wear pieces for several seasons/years, and it's really a blessing and a curse. Her closet is still my favorite place in the house too. I've often called it my happy place, and I'm not even bothered by that fact. After having 2 boys and always dreaming of that daughter, I was finally blessed with the opportunity to fulfill that dream, and boy do I ever do it right! 
{My hubby is shaking his head right about now}
Here's her closet! 
We put her drawers in her closet that she would have more floor space for babies, barbies, and Shopkins!
[She also has a vanity that holds her bathing suits and dance outfits!]
I periodically check whether outfits and pieces fit her, and if they don't, they get moved to a tote that stays in her closet. 
So in reality right now we have 2 totes that are full, but the bottom one is full of Fall/Winter clothes that were cleaned out throughout the Fall/Winter. Also, the top tote I just recently went through and re-purged!
I also keep this little basket on top of her drawers.
I just sorted through her Matilda Jane that I'm going to be posting on the resale boards soon. That basket will hold Matilda Jane or other boutique brands that need to be repaired or sold not in a big consignment sale purge. 
That London Lap dress that I'm still debating on whether to hold onto it for future grandchildren or not!
{My hubby is now really shaking his head}
I stay on top of her closet because like most #girlmoms can attest the clothes and shoes and bows and accessories can get overwhelming pretty quickly, and it all can quickly overrun a bedroom. 

I can't wait to read your tips and tricks to Spring Cleaning.

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  1. Oh Britt, I totally hear you! My girl's closet is so fun but can become so overwhelming to me because of all the clothes. And I can get rid of a spider man t-shirt so much easier than a cute sun dress. Hahaha!

    1. YES to all of this! I've just learned that I have to stay on top of her closet situation! :)