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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Field Tripping: Part 2

Another Hensley child had another field trip, and it was another fun one!
We visited The Appalachian Caverns with Carson's class. 

This kiddo was ready to go..like READY!!
Photo creds: Stephen!!
First up was the gem mining station. This kid had a blast playing in the sand searching for rocks!
Then we entered the caverns!
My kid who is terrified of heights didn't like this deep pit at the very beginning of the tour.

 We saw a bat!!
Close-up of the rocks!!
Seriously so deep, and that is a natural stream flowing through. 

We watched our guide feed the fishes down at the bottom, and then we began our trek back up the caverns. At one point, the guide turned out all the flashlights & the lights in the cave, so we could experience total darkness. I'm not a fan, and neither is Carson!

We made it back out!

Carson tried to pretend to struggle to hold these Styrofoam 'boulders!'

I rode to the caverns with a friend, so we gathered the boys to get a quick bite to eat before we headed to her house!
...to swim!!
{We also snuck Stephen & Coop's little brother out of school early for fun}
The weather was perfection!
80 degrees & sunny. The boys had a blast, and I think they may have even said, "Best day ever!" 

The caverns were a fine field trip, but this mama is slightly claustrophobic. I was so happy to sit outside relaxing & enjoying the day with my boys and their friends.

Y'all may have noticed that I've not had Nataleigh with me recently.
She has spent the past couple of days in Asheville with my wonderful in-laws. She's been shopping, playing, working, and having a 'girls only' day with Mimi & Popeye, but this mama is ready to have her right hand chickadee back with her!

Happy Thursday! 


  1. Your kids get to go on the coolest field trips ever! Seriously though! I have major envy...we go to the pumpkin patch (which is fun but it isn't a cave or gem mining). I bet you are glad to get Nateleigh back, how fun for her!

    1. This was my second year in a row taking this field trip, and it was fun again! I am so ready to have my girl back, but the caves were not a spot for a wild 4-year old