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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Field Tripping

Yesterday I had such a fun, fun day with Stephen. 
The third graders at his school took a field trip to Doe River Gorge, and it was such a great trip. Our weather was perfect, and it was truly one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been. I'd love to take the entire family out there soon. 
Prepare for photo-overload, but I really edited down the amount of pictures.

Doe River Gorge & Stephen ;) welcomes you!

This was the drive in.
The gorge & the camp facilities are situated right in the mountains, and it literally felt like we were close to nothing. 
First up...a train ride to see the gorge, river, and the mountains. 
This was amazing, and we got lucky enough to sit on the very last row. One of the conductors was back there with us giving us all the little tid bits about the mountains, the railroad, and even the different whistle calls that they use. He showed us the different zip lines & rock formations. He was an absolute wealth of knowledge & so friendly!
Looking down into the gorge from rail line! 
Y'all this was some kinda steep. The tracks were right next to the edge of the cliffs, and we felt like we were so high up. 
Then our favorite guide told us to look up.
Same location, but straight up.
This photo doesn't do this place justice. We were so deep in the gorge, yet so far above the river.
God's amazing handiwork.
Better perspective.
You can see the river below us & the tops of the mountain above us, but I had to zoom way out & lean like no other to get both of these points.
We then rode the rails backwards & downhill, so it was much faster going back to camp.

Then we hit station 2. 
Large group games, or basically dodgeball!!

I'm not sure what the other large group looked like, but this large group was full of some of the most competitive kids I've ever seen! Even the girls were going a little crazy beaming kids. They played 3 super intense rounds, and it was so much fun to watch!

We lunched, and not a single picture was taken. 
Then we headed to the stables to check out the horses!
Okay..You remember how I shared YESTERDAY that I struggle with allergies. Well the thing I'm absolutely most allergic to is a horse. I took my medicine and wore my sunglasses the whole time while bathing our time there in serious prayers. 
It all worked, and God is good. 

The kids got to groom and ride horses, and this boy had a blast.
Mama was just thankful that she didn't break out in hives or start sneezing!

Finally we ended at every kid's favorite station. 
The Unimog!!
I had never heard of or seen one of these befores, and this slight helicopter mama didn't necessarily love the fact that they were four-wheeling basically on a huge truck with just a lap seat belt keeping him locked in. He, however, LOVED it!
 The Deathtrap
The Unimog

So notice where he began this trip....
clearly that seat wasn't dangerous enough!!
{Feet & arms inside the vehicle, mister}
Here they are pulling away...very fast, by the way!

Click HERE for a video from Doe River Gorge showing off the Unimog riding experience. I really wish the parents were able to have a ride as well because it actually looked & sounded like so much fun!
These boys were so funny reliving their Unimog rides!
This was definitely the favorite station of the day!

My boy had a blast.
Thank you to the teachers & chaperones that help make yesterday possible!
To Doe River Gorge staff, oh my heart! Your camp & facilities are first class & breath-takingly beautiful! If you are looking for a fun camp or day experience, then this is your spot...especially if you are an outdoors person!
As DRG so accurately put it on their site, "Be captivated by the handiwork of God's spectacular creation...A unique sanctuary for getting to know the God who created it all."

Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a FUN field trip. I am so glad your allergies were not a problem there. My students would flip out for this. It is always SOOOOO nice to have good parent help on trips like this!

    1. It was such a good trip! It was definitely what these kiddos needed at this point of the school year. :)

  2. That looks like the most fun field trip EVER....I want to go :) xoxo ERIN