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Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites: 5.19.2017

We've had ourselves one heck of a roller coaster of a week. Lots of highs and a couple of lows & stress. I'm hoping that we'll have a relaxing weekend because this mama can't handle much more of this kind of stress.
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Today's list of favorites will be reflective of our life..it'll be a random hodge-podge mix of stuff, so let's get into it!


Facebook Memories!!
Nataleigh wore the same outfit {almost} yesterday that she wore exactly a year ago, and the post from last year to this year is incredible!! It just guts this mama!!
 Last year
Oh my goodness..I can't get over how much taller and less baby she looks!


So I am a huge stress eater, and this week has been stressful. Stephen has been pretty sick, so while I was waiting at the 3rd pharmacy of the week, I found these little drops from Heaven! So, so good!!


 I'm so sorry!!
We caved! Both of our boys now are the proud owners of these fidget spinners. I will say that it is so much better than the constant bottle flipping, but it's still pretty annoying! Also, if you follow Joe on Instagram [@joe__hensley], you'll have been treated to my awesome talent..balancing a fidget spinner while spinning on my nose!
I was so skeptical about these at first, but they really do help with gripping and holding my phone so much. It's so silly & frivolous, but a big thanks to my mama for getting me one. I love it, and it's basically a fidget spinner for this mama!


Curl Formers

Nataleigh calls this her 'lalaloopsy hair,' and this mama needs some hair practice. The next few weeks are pretty crazy for us, and it will require some quick, cute hairstyles. These things make it so easy for this hair-illiterate girl mom!


My new planner
 Last week on Instagram, I asked for input on good planners, and my sweet mama took it upon herself to grab me this awesome one from The Happy Planner. It's a HUGE book, but my big family needs one this big, honestly. I'm still eyeing an Erin Condren {top recommended one}, but for now this one is awesome!
 I love these pages for reflecting and planning!
 The tabs make it easy for turning to the month!
 She even grabbed me some stickers and accessories!
And check out these cute motivating pages!
It's such a beautiful, organized planner, and it fits all our life easily on the pages!


We are at the end of the school year [HALLELUJAH], and we had a lot of unused snow days this year. Our school has planned several 'days off' the last two weeks, so this cutie and I enjoyed staying up a little later than normal while playing with Snapchat filters!
It was extra special because this week has been rough. Stephen has been super sick, so Carson has had to deal with a brother who is resting a lot and tagging along to doctor appointments. We're hoping that a few more days of rest and meds will help Carson get his best friend back to normal!


Dress Rehearsal!
Oh my heart just may explode!
This little girl has loved her first year of dance so much, and this week she showcased her hard work in her pretty ballerina dress! It was as magical as I imagined, and I cannot wait until her recital next week!! She has her official dance pictures taken next week {heart eyes for days}, and I am way too excited about them!


Did y'all catch yesterday's life lately post
We let the kiddos have a skip day, and it was mostly fun!!

And a quick little Stephen update because I mentioned several times that he's been sick this week. It's been a little scary at times!
 It started over last weekend, but on Monday his cough and symptoms were no better. He also added a low-grade fever to the symptoms list, so we saw doctor #1 that thought he had a little sinus infection. We went home with a prescription of amoxicillin to start. By Wednesday, his fever spiked at 105, and I was pretty much terrified! Doctor number two thought he had a viral infection on top of the sinus infection, so we changed to a stronger antibiotic & a cough suppressant! Thursday he still had a high fever, and his bottom lip was swollen about 3 times it's normal size. Doctor #3 ran a complete blood count which showed that he has a bacterial infection, but praise Jesus we ruled out meningitis. I was completely terrified when they mentioned meningitis. I have no medical background whatsoever, but I know that is dangerous. They ran a mono test that came back negative as well, but she wasn't confident in the test because of the antibiotics he's taken this week will cause those tests to be negative. He also has some spots on his bronchials that she is concerned about turning into bronchitis or walking pneumonia. We are now on breathing treatments, a new antibiotic, and benadryl for his swollen lip! Thankfully, I took pictures at different stages of the week. Anytime he spiked a fever or a rash popped up, I snapped a picture. We were able to show the doctors how his symptoms have changed throughout the day. It's my number one piece of advice. I've taken videos also, and they make it so helpful to show the physicians. This mama is stressed to the max, so any and all prayers are so welcomed. The Littles don't understand that their brother is SOOO sick, and he needs a lot of rest. They just want everything back to normal, and this mama wants her baby better. 

Happy Weekend from us to you!!


  1. I love me some Erin Condren but I think I am going to make the switch over from my Life Planner next year to a Happy Planner (GASP)! My bestie has one and I love it more than the EC. I don't think I could switch my EC Teacher Planner though, but will be for the other. So sorry about Stephen has been so sick. Nataleigh is so stinkin' cute! Happy Friday Mama!

    1. Thanks!! I am loving my Happy Planner so far, but it's massive. Thank goodness for a big ole tote! Ha

  2. Seriously I just heard about fidget spinners like 2 weeks ago and now they are E V E R Y W H E R E. Solon hasn't ask for one yet ;). Why don't we think of these things - ha! I am so glad he is getting good care and you thought to take photos, that's such a good tip! xoxo ERIN

    1. Thanks!! Hopefully we can get him on the mend.