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Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites 5.26.2017

Hey, Hey, Hey Friday!
Let me give you a big ole hug!!
This week has been crazy for the Hensley 5, and we are so happy to have made it to the weekend.
[And all God's people say AMEN!]
Today we are linking up with our favorite blogging friends to share the things we are loving right this minute!


Tiny Dancer
Nataleigh had her very first dance recital last night, and it was for sure a major favorite!

 Post-recital dinner!!
 With our friend Sophie!

Our buddy Caroline, who was sporting such a cute Trolls outfit for her acro-dance!
 Thanks Poppy, Jo Helen, and Nana for cheering her on tonight!
 Thanks Mimi & Popow for driving from Asheville to see this chickadee dance!
We are just so proud of her!


School's out for Summer!
{insert praise hands}

Overlook how tired I am in this picture. It was the morning after our first night out of the hospital, and I only checked on Stephen about 15 times while he slept. Mama was tired!


 Our bow box got here last week, and it was FULL of super cute bows!!
 June's bow box!
Mystery box!
Right now OSBS is running a Memorial Day sale! It's full of goodies and deals. Also on their instagram account @onestopbowshop they are selling bundles at a big-time discounted price!
Check them out, and let them know that Brittany sent ya!


The Lucky Few
Oh my heart!!
This book had me bawling my eyes out at times all while praising God for His grace, love, and mercy. The Avis family has a beautiful perspective on life, love, and family. It's such a good read!


Summa, Summa, Summa-time!
Even though our weather this week is chilly & rainy, we are looking forward to sunshine, twirls, and lots of outside time!
 "sunshine in my pocket"

Have y'all been keeping up with Erika's adoption of baby Britt from China?! Oh em gee...I cannot wait to hear from Erika all about Britt and the Slaughter's addition!
Heart eyes for day!!

Happy Weekend, y'all!!

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  1. Your tiny dancer is so precious! I miss the days a dance recitals. I have heard several people talk about The Lucky Few, I really need to download that book. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Awe!! Thanks..it was hilarious & adorable wrapped into a bunch of pink sequins!

  2. The Lucky Few is on my list for summer reading, I will be sure to grab some tissues first. Your tiny dancer is the sweetest! Look at all those fun bows too!!! Hope this weekend is a little less crazy ;). xoxo ERIN

    1. Extra tissues for The Lucky Few! It's so good

  3. What a great list of favorites. Nataleigh is THE CUTEST little dancer! Woohooo for summa time and sunshine! I hope you have a great long weekend!

    1. Eek!! Thanks so much. She was great. I'm going to share the video next week because it's hilarious!!!

  4. So glad the recital went well! She looked adorable!