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Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Favorites 5.5.2017

Happy Friday, y'all!!
Wahoooooo...this has been one heck of a week, but we've made it to Friday!
Today I'm linking up with our buddies NarciErika, & Andrea from another edition of FRIDAY FAVORITES, so let's get right into it!!

First things first...
Big, huge happy birthday shout-out to my precious Poppy!

We love you so much, and we are so thankful for you!
He's for sure one of our all-the-time, forever favorites!

This man is another favorite for sure, and we sure do have a blast with some instastories!
@britthensley & @joe__hensley
Our kiddos are all about snapping some pictures for us. They think we are asking something huge of them, and they each want a turn. Wednesday, Carson snapped this one of my man & me. Only a portion of his head was cut off, but he's still such a hunk!

Oh Matilda Jane, you've done it again!!
THIS is actually a swim coverup, but it made for an unexpectedly fun top for me!
The colors & tassels are so perfect for this summer!!
Speaking of the latest MJ release...

This Romper is a Summer necessity, and in May's bow box from One Stop Bow Shop, there is a blue glitter bow that matches perfectly!!
Another of our favorite bows from this Month's box is this green burlap {yes burlap} bow!!
It's amazing!!

On Thursdays we get fro-yo from TCBY!
It's quickly become some of our favorite time of the week together. Life is busy, but this is a fun treat for us. I just love these crazies!!

This week we ate dinner at one of our favorite restaurants ever...
Joe & I always get the same thing..the brisket with a salad with extra of their house dressing. This dressing cannot be explained with words alone. It's a must-try, and it's our favorite forever!!
The kiddos were promised a 'ride' on the amazing firetruck if they ate their food, and of course #cleanplateclub.

The staff & food at The Firehouse is so good, and it's our family's favorite!!

This Field Trip was a major favorite!
Next week we are heading to the Appalachian Caverns with Carson's class, and both boys have trips for their EPIC {good behavior} yearly performance. The next 2.5 weeks are insane for us, and we are almost finished!!

A not favorite...
Prince Philip's retirement announcement.
It just feels as though it's the beginning of the end of a fabulous reign, doesn't it!!

Hoping you & your's have a fabulous weekend. 
We'll see ya Monday!


  1. You two are the cutest on Instastories. Happy Friday!

    1. We are a mess!! Ha he loves those instastories

  2. Fun fact - I love the Royal Family. Have you seen The Crown on Netflix. SO GOOD! Love that cover-up turned top -- too cute :) xoxo ERIN

    1. YES! I've watched episode 1. I'm Royally obsessed to the point that I watched the Lindo Wing camera while waiting on George's birth. I had a cute newborn to feed, so I just people watched while waiting! Ha