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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How You Doin'?!

I'm not really sure how it's going for y'all, but the hills of Tennessee are alive with the sound of sneezing!
Can't. Stop. Sneezing. Y'all!!!


I mean, it should totally count as an exercise!! 

Last night at Carson's baseball game, the wind was whipping up so much dirt & pollen & stuff that I was a sneezy, itchy-eyed fool. Then today I'm really gambling with these allergies because I'm chaperoning an outdoor field trip for Stephen. 
Prayers people Prayers!!!


  1. Allergies are SUCH a pain! Good luck with the field trip today!

    1. Thankful for allergy meds because my allergies were tested today. Thanks!!

  2. Oh shoot that's no fun, I had worse allergies this fall and they were NO FUN AT ALL. :( Ain't no time for momma to be feeling sick! Feel better soon! xoxo ERIN