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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Life Lately: Skip Day Edition

YESTERDAY I shared with y'all that I was letting the boys take a 'skip day' like we have in the past. It was mostly a great, relaxing day, but of course it was still filled with a little drama at the end!
This!! This was a beaut!
We told the kids the night before that they were staying home, and they actually slept in. Quick note about my kiddos..they are beautiful, funny, and full of life, but they do not like to sleep in at all!! I mean, most days they are all up and at 'em by 6:45..all 3 awake by then. This was a pleasant sight for sure!
 Tuesday I grabbed this muffin carton from Sam's Club, and they thoroughly enjoyed their chocolate chip and blueberry mini muffins!
This boy wanted a cup {a Science Hill cup, mind you} of milk while he helped me get the plates and milk ready for breakfast!
I folded a quick load of laundry, and my sweet friend Christie texted me to see if I wanted to bring the kids to her house to swim. She too was letting her babies skip school, & we were calling for temps in the 90s!
 Yes ma'am we'll be there, and I'll even bring your coffee!! 
Ready to go!!!!
My idea of absolute perfection!!
Pigtails [check]
Piggy Bows [check]
SPF 50 [check]
And she's ready to swim!
They were diving board maniacs!
Seriously these kiddos are so funny, and they all get along so well!!
I see many days of Summer 2017 hanging out!!
We came home, so I could fix my favorite, go-to lunch {2 eggs over medium with roasted broccoli} while the kids ate sandwiches and rested a bit!
Then I jetted to practice. This is one of our last workouts before try-outs next week!!
And I brought my dessert with me!
I was super proud of myself for pushing more water today. I even refilled my cup at the school. It definitely helps that our school has a pellet ice machine & filtered water fountains!
I got home from practice and a coaches meeting to start getting dinner ready and Carson to the ballfield when I noticed that Stephen was feeling much worse. He's been battling a nasty sinus infection all week, and he really has been so sluggish. He didn't even swim today. He chose to sleep on the covered porch while everyone else swam, but he for sure didn't want to go home. 
We ended up at the doctor's office again with a super high temperature. The doctor thought he may have a viral infection to go with that nasty sinus congestion, and he may have been a bit dehydrated. He's not been eating much this week, so hopefully lots of rest and fluids will help this sweet boy turn the corner. I guess that's what we get for having too much fun!
At 10:00 I'm finally hitting the hay, but I'll probably watch a little of the NBA Playoffs with Jojo before calling it a night!

Happy Thursday, and join us tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


  1. That sounds like the best day! That would make me READY for summer break :) I would have had a hard time getting ready the next morning. Your poor boy, I hope he feels better soon. And good job with the water drinking!

    1. Yeah! Today we were a little slow moving, but only Carson went to school!