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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Life Lately

Shew!! Sorry I've not been blogging much, but as I mentioned on Monday, we had a pretty sick kiddo. It became super serious over last weekend, and I just wanted to take today to let you know what we were dealing with as well as what we experienced!
It's going to be a long post. Grab a coffee {or a Spark}, and let's get into it!

Saturday we had an incredibly busy day planned, and Stephen was still nowhere near 100%. He was so desperate however, to feel normal again, so off we all went. 
Joe, Carson, and Stephen to Carson's ballgame, and I headed to judge a pageant with my favorite girl!
 Downtown Greeneville for the Iris Festival
 My first time judging!
It was far more difficult than I thought it would be, but it was also more fun than I imagined!
 This little girl hanging with one of her pageant sisters, Cam!!
She even loved helping draw names and tickets for door prizes!

We got home, and Stephen had seriously taken a turn for the worst.

His temperature was still high, and he was starting to struggle to breathe. My grandparents had this thing that measured his pulse & his blood-oxygen saturation, and his O2 stats were low. I called the nurse's line because mama's know, and the nurse said that according to her triage protocol that he shouldn't be seen right away. Joe & I decided that on Sunday Stephen was being seen. 
We sent these 3 off to church.
And Stephen and I headed to the doctor's office.
As soon as we got there we were immediately seen, and a chest x-ray was ordered as well as labs.
Oh my brave, sweet boy!
Here he was being monitored while the doctor had us admitted to the hospital.
The doctor determined that he had pneumonia. He didn't have normal pneumonia. He had an atypical pneumonia, so instead of a dark spot on his x-ray, he had honeycomb shadows all over his lungs. 
We made it to the hospital in time to visit with the therapy dogs, and he was instantly hooked up to oxygen. He was moving no air through the lower half of both of his lungs, and we were terrified. Absolutely terrified!! The doctors & respiratory therapists began discussing the possible causes and treatment plans, and we were overwhelmed. They were confident though that he would get better, but it would just be a slower go of it. 
The iv was administered, and y'all...the only way we could keep this boy distracted from the needle [his hand was completely numb thanks to the numbing patch] was to ask him multiplication questions. He kept answering questions while the drew blood and taped his iv in!
We tried to lighten the mood with some filter fun!
And Sunday night he took a turn for the worst. Even on constant oxygen his numbers were in the middle to low 80s, and we needed him without oxygen in the mid 90s. He was put on high-flow oxygen, and spent much of Monday & Tuesday on this contraption. It was awful. He was limited to his bed and the bathroom because every time he came off the oxygen, his numbers dropped significantly. It was a super scary time for us.

Life doesn't just stop though because you have a sick kid. Nataleigh & Carson still had a busy week.
 We had dance pictures.
Baseball games!
 Awards Day!
Oh we love you Ms. Little!!
Check out that personal portrait.
Snickers Award: For your sense of humor and your ability to make others laugh daily.
Oh my sweet, funny boy. I just love this hardworking boy so very much.

This sweaty boy hung out with our friends Luke & Ally while we were finishing things up at the hospital.
I'm so thankful for that village that helped this week while we couldn't be at everything.

The big moment came Tuesday when he moved down to the regular nose candula. We began the weaning process Tuesday evening, and I was so nervous every time they lowered his oxygen.
We watched the Cavs win in our new Kyrie Irving hat {thanks GG}!
And he asked me if I would snuggle with him Tuesday night, and my mama heart may have exploded a little...okay A LOT!
Yesterday our awesome nurse even brought Stephen an XBOX 360 while we continued to wean his oxygen.
And I picked up his awards while at the school with Carson.
Multiplication Award, Team Player {voted by his classmates}, A-B Honor Roll, 3rd Grade Completion, and Top Character Boy. His teachers all agreed that he was the top boy in his class, and I couldn't have been more proud. He was completely shocked! Well deserved for our sweet boy!
Then we got the news that we could bust him out! 
Oh my heart!!
I was completely overwhelmed throughout the majority of the week by the love just poured out on us. God is so good. We did nothing to deserve His favor, but it was continually poured out on us. Whether it was through a sweet visit or a timely text message, so much love was sent to us and our sick boy.
I think we wanted to sprint out of here.

Honestly, our stay at Holston Valley Hospital was great. It is a less busy hospital, and it is staffed with some of the finest people ever. To the doctors and specialists..thank you so much for your expertise and brilliant care of my precious boy. To the nurses who worked so closely with us every day...Gwen, Jayme, Janice, & Trina, you ladies are some of the absolute finest people that I've ever met. God clearly gifted you in the area of nursing for people like us who needed your patience and love. You all are such heroes to my family!
To our family and friends who picked up the slack and helped us in so many ways that I probably don't even know..I could never thank you enough for EVERYTHING!!

If you need me, I'll be here, but I'll probably be a big ole Mombie!
See y'all tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!


  1. I am so glad that Stephen is out and you are all home. Still sending you all love and prayers. What a scary situation.

    1. Thanks Jenna! It was so scary, but God took such good care of us!

  2. Oh momma, I am so glad he is better but that is DOWN RIGHT SCARY. I didn't even realize the extent of it....may you all have a restful, extra snuggly weekend. I sure hope he is back to himself soon and his lungs heal quickly! xoxo ERIN

    1. Thanks so much Erin! It was totally terrifying, but it was also a great experience seeing God's goodness! He is so, so good