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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesday: Memory Lane

Memory lane!!
This post was so fun preparing for because I got to go through some old school pictures!!
I happily was born in 1985, so I lived through the late 80's early 90's. Basically it was amazing. There were so many firsts & last in these years, and there was so much to love from these years!
Today I'm going to share some of my favorites and my personal fashion from these formidable years!


Saved By The Bell

Was there anything better really?!
I had major crushes on Zack & AC {Albert Clifford} Slater!! Kelly's clothes & hair were to-die-for!
I remember watching this every Saturday morning..it was my thing for sure!
The very-similar, kind of spin-off was also a major favorite!

The very best part of going to the library every week was playing this computer game!
Oregon Trail was epic before being epic was a thing!!


Recently my hubby has decided that he needed a major break from the kids' favorite movie, Sing, so he let them each pick out a new movie! The boys picked out true classics, and I really felt like we needed a pat on the back for raising such fine boys!
 Space Jam!!
Nothing is better than seeing Michael Jordan beating up some cartoon Monstars!!!

The Sandlot!!
Oh my goodness!! 
They love them some Benny "The Jet" Rodriquez & Smalls & Squintz!!

I loved reading as a child, and my favorite books were definitely The Babysitter's Club series!

I think I read almost every single one of these, and I would love to find these again to reread!!

In the inevitable battle of the boy bands, I was #TeamNSYNC all the way!
There was just something about Justin then and now!!

BSB was a pretty good back-up though!!

And I definitely had big dreams of being a Spice Girl when I grew up!


Oh my stars!!
The 90s fashion was on another level!!
The bangs, the patterns, the neon, the shoulder pads..I just can't deal with it!
 What is that pattern on that sweater?!
 Sunday Best with that bob & those bangs!
 Easter Sunday in a long-sleeved pants romper!!

 I seriously think I'm laughing @ my fashion sense!
 The most 90s picture EVER!!
My grandmother always bought us girls similar Christmas dresses!
We had several of those Lil Dolly dresses.

 My cousin, Lucy, me, and my sister were often posed on this couch together growing up!
Baby Britt!

I was an Air Force brat for the first little bit of life. We lived on base in South Dakota, and then when I was in first grade, we moved back home to Tennessee. So many of my childhood memories are centered around life on my grandparents farm with my sister and my cousin. Lu & I are 11 months apart in age, and we were basically all raised together as sisters. Life was simple & so, so good on Carr Farm. We had Barbies, bikes, and so much fun. I love looking back on pictures from when life was so simple, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to see my own babies loving life on Carr Farm too!
This..right here is home sweet home to me!
Carr Farm 2016

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  1. Love all the throwback pictures. I have introduced the Sandlot (still one of my top 5 movies) and Space Jam to my kids this year and they LOVED them. My husband just watched The Sandlot for the first time (what the what?!?!). And I had completely forgotten about Bubble Gum Bubble Gum in a Dish. What a great post!

    1. Oh way to fix that Sandlot situation!! This link up was so much fun today!!

    2. Your pictures look just like the ones of my daughter and niece who are your age. Oversized sweaters and baggie pants were part of the "grundge" style of the 90s.I'm so glad long hair and hairbows are back in fashion for little girls like when I was a child! I think we busy mothers wanted it as easy as possible! Cur it off and call it a BOB! I cut my daughter's hair myself back then.