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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Three Things

These are some of my favorite posts, and I like to do these every couple of months to see how we are all growing and changing.


1. He decided to not play a Spring sport this year, but he asked if he could take some private basketball lessons. Yes, sir. We will keep you as active as possible as well as increasing skills in your current favorite sport.
2. He's 100% the NBA Rainman. He is obsessed with the NBA playoffs right now. He asks Siri every single morning what the score of whichever game he didn't get to finish watching the night before was. #obsessed
3. He needs his space, especially when it comes to his brother & sister. He loves them big time, but he needs that quiet, calm time. 


1. He's a baseball boy all the way! This is our second season with the Daniel Boone Little League, and it has been so much fun. He's improved so much, and he's so much more confident than he was last year.
2. He LOVES the Team Ninja Warrior show..like a whole lot!!
3. He's a natural-helper. He is always the first to ask how he can help around the house or getting to or from the baseball field. He makes his bed and cleans his room without prompting most mornings, and he'll even make Nataleigh's bed for me. He has a servant's heart for sure!


. She has taught herself how to do backflips using the couch as her spotter. She uses the armrest to hold her until she gets to a handstand position, and then she finishes the flip where she lands on her feet. Gymnastics is coming her way.
2. She is super, duper excited about her dance recital this month. She's even more excited now that she's seen her costume. Spoiler: Pink, sparkly, with a wand!! 
3. Ash from Sing is her role model all the way. She wishes she knew how to play the electric guitar, & she knows all the words to Ash's song. 
Future Rockstar Princess!!


1. His weight-loss journey has been incredible. He looks & feels amazing, and I'm so proud of him. He's now on Instagram {@joe__hensley} where he is sharing fitness, food, and inspiration.
2. He's currently going through the Book of Jude on Wednesdays and the Woes of the Pharisees from Matthew 23. I've mentioned before that his call to preaching is so evident, and I love watching him studying & applying God's Word every day.
3. He's the hottest dang 1st base coach ever!! 


1. My fitness journey is just getting started, but Joe has me more motivated than I've been in a long time. 
2. I am #obsessed with broccoli, and there is no shame in it. I eat broccoli every single day, roasted with olive oil, kosher salt, and pepper. It's my treat.
3. I am really trying to increase my water every single day, and it's a struggle. I don't love drinking water, but I love how I can tell the difference in my skin and my over-all health when I do drink more water. It's really a challenge, but it's one that I need to keep up!

Thanks for checking in with us, and if you want to see how we've changed!


  1. Who doesn't love Team Ninja Warrior? My kids are obsessed with that show. I wish we had a gym that had some of the obstacles for them to run through. I didn't even realize they had regulars on the show until my kids started telling me about their favorites. Hahaha! It is a popular show in this house too. Way to go with the healthy food and water! I have to carry around my water with me so that I drink it throughout the day. That always helps. And I always put a lemon or cucumbers in it...sometimes both. Weird, but so good! Have a great day Hensley's!

    1. Apparently we have a parkour group local to us, but Carson would be all over everything. I keep refilling my water with lots of ice. If I'm going to drink it, it has to be super cold

  2. Ninja warrior fans here and my oldest needs his space too! I love broccoli that way too - yum!!!!

    1. Yes!! :) my broccoli obsession is a bit much right now!