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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Vacation Mode

So we are counting down the days until summer break, and our minds are already on vacation mode. Today we are linking up with Shay & Erika {who is headed to China to finalize the adoption of a precious baby girl} for their monthly Workin' It Wednesday link-up.
We are also joining our #TeamKOKO {team keep on keeping on} leader, Erin for her 10 on the 10th link-up, and today both parties are all about vacations!

I shared HERE last year about one of my favorite vacations. We are suckers for the beach..especially quiet, family-friendly beaches. We I tend to overpack, especially when it comes to the kids' stuff!!


I bring several different bottles and kinds of sunscreen. Stephen & I burn easily, so I like to always have SPF 50 in a cream & a spray. The kids get lathered with this, and I'll spray touch ups on the beach with the spray throughout our day on the beach. I also bring an SPF 30 in a spray as well as a sunblock stick. I'm serious about this whole sunscreen thing!


There is little worse than having to stop every couple of miles on your way to the beach because someone needs a snack. Our favorites are gummies, bananas, Cuties, and puff corn. Everyone gets a drink too. Our favorites of those are the good2grow juices with the character tops because they don't spill, and everyone gets their own, different tops!!


I'm thankful that I grew up in a mostly tech-free time, however, I'm super pumped to be able to raise little techies that can stay occupied in the car with iPads. We also bring EVERY SINGLE CHARGER because it is awful if these things ever die!!


I'm a slight germaphobe..slight.
I just like laying my head on my own pillow!
It's kinda like having a piece of home with us while we are away, and the kids have extra head support in the car!

Crocs & Flip Flops & Tennis Shoes

Good footwear is so key to traveling comfortably..even at the beach!

The most miserable thing of going to the beach is lugging all the stuff to the beach, and then having to carry a child because the sand is too hot! Through trial and error, we've learned that Crocs stay on the kids' feet best in the sand, so mama and daddy's hands are free to carry the stuff!

We also always try to take a non-beach day where we will be walking/exploring together, so tennis shoes are necessary!

Fitted sheets

I saw on Pinterest {britthensley} how to use a fitted sheet instead of the typical tons of towels. This allows us to leave the towels packed in our beach bag until it's time to dry off and head back to the hotel/rental house.

Beach Towels and Chairs

We always bring snacks/lunch to the shore with us, and the thought of sitting on the sand with sand everywhere while eating just isn't the most appetizing. I need to be elevated off of the sand while I eat!

Baby Powder + Hand Sanitizer

Before we eat we all dust off as much sand as possible and then sanitize.
I also saw on Pinterest where baby powder removes most sand, and y'all it works!!

Sunglasses & Hats

We bring a couple of pairs of each, and they are never 'good' pairs of sunglasses. I buy cheap sunnies anyways, but I find cheap ones all around in case we lose some in the ocean, we aren't too worried about it!
Sunglasses allow mama and daddy to people watch to the fullest also while they protect our eyes!


Several years ago we headed to Myrtle Beach with my parents and my in-laws for a week, and my in-laws had one of those huge tents. It was amazing. The kids had plenty of shade, so they were able to stay at the ocean so much longer without having to take a break indoors! My kids are all such beach fans, and they would stay out there at the shoreline ALL day if we let them. I just feel better with them having some shade! 

 Here is a good little essentials list!!

And some vacation humor!

Time spent together is well-spent!

Thanks for checking in with us!!


  1. I cannot wait to try the baby powder trick this summer. That will be such a life saver. This post has me dreaming of summer and beach days! And I completely agree about iPads and car DVD players. Where were those when we were kids?

    1. Seriously! Traveling would have been so much nicer!

  2. The sunglasses meme made me laugh. So true! Ha!

  3. I literally LOLed at the popcorn meme - hilarious! Love love love all your tips and ideas. The fitted sheet one, I totally want to try it now and I always forget baby powder but I need to add that to my beach bag for sure! Thanks for the tribe shout out :) love love love it, you are such a supportive friend! xoxo ERIN

    1. Anytime, friend! Love you and your encouragement so much. You rock!