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Monday, May 15, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up {Mother's Day}

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend, and it was so busy for us!!
Let's get right into it, so grab your go-to drink because photo-overload!


I spent a lot of my morning/afternoon getting ready for the weekend which meant a ton of laundry to wash, dry, fold, and put away.
I shared on my instastory how much fun I was having!!
We then busted it to The Dance Company for recital practice, and she needed her babydoll diaper bag! I cannot wait to see my tiny dancer doing her thang up there. We have dress rehearsal tonight, and I cannot wait!!

Joe met me with Carson because he had a birthday party to go to, and it was every little boys' dream. Our friend converted their basement into a blacklight nerf gun battlefield!! We met up with a friend and her kiddos to drop the boys off, so the girls could have girls' night.
The girls picked Chili's for dinner, and then Christie and I took them to Wal-Mart for Shopkins!
Cute girls!!!
And while we were out, we grabbed 3, yes 3, iced coffees because we are obsessed!!
Speaking of Shopkins and my friend Christie. She just finished her BEAUTIFUL remodel of her home, and her daughter Ally's Shopkin storage is so good!
She bought a chest of drawers with a jewelry drawer that Ally uses for her Shopkins!!
Christie could run an organization business because that girl has got it going on!!
This whole time Stephen and Joe were hanging out with Christie's man, Kent, and they grabbed a colossal sugar cookie!!
It was such a great kick-off to our weekend full of friends & fun!


Saturday was supposed to start with 2 baseball games in the morning, but we had severe flooding from the rain on Friday night. The games unfortunately got cancelled. We ended up snuggling in bed a little longer watching English Premier League Football in mama's bed. By the way, this mama's team, Chelsea clinched the league championship this weekend!!
Then we headed to Stephen's basketball tournament!
{heart eyes}

Another weekend, another championship!
These boys...I could talk for days about how hardworking, fun, kind, hilarious, and dedicated they are, but I'd be here for even longer than you can imagine!

And I love my new tee from BoomTown & Co.
TN girl for life!!

We grabbed dinner with some Swarm family, and then my mom, sister, and my mom's newest pet, a pig named Belinda Bacon, swung by to visit a bit! 


Sunday was so beautiful!
I woke up to so much LOVE!!
I sit in the floor to get ready, and this girl wanted mommy to dry her hair too! These moments I will never take for granted!
My whole heart!!
We headed to church, and then we headed to Asheville to see Joe's mom for a while!
Mother's Day for my mother-in-law isn't an easy day. She lost her mother a few years ago, and Katherine was just one in a million. She was a beautiful, loving Mamaw, and we miss her big, especially on Mother's Day!

We spoiled Mimi with a gift card to Goodwill, and she was THRILLED!! As the kids would say, "that's Mimi's spot." Connie loves digging for a steal/deal, and this is her spot!
 These two showing off their new loves..putty for Nat & a fidget spinner for Stephen!
photo creds: Stephen

"Happy girls are the prettiest!"
And a quick selfie to end the photo session.

Then we stopped by Trader Joe's for some 'essentials.'

 These are for Joe, obviously!
Calla Lilies for Jo Helen
And meal planned {thanks Hello Fresh} for Joe's last full week of school!!
[praise hands//praise hands]

Seriously, it was such an absolutely wonderful weekend spent with lots of people that I love big, big!


  1. What a good weekend! That Shopkin storage is genius! Seriously, how helpful. Those little things can take over the house. I am so glad you had such a great Mother's Day!

    1. I know! I told my friend Christie that I had to share because it was so good. :)