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Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey Hey Y'all!
It's May Day!
Did anyone else have just a crazy, busy weekend like we did?! I feel as though our weekend began, and we just didn't sit down or relax much at all!
I'm going need a jumbo coffee to make it through today.


After we dropped the boys off at school, Nataleigh & I headed to my grandparents' farm. They recently had a baby calf whose mama was struggling to feed her, so my Poppy began bottle-feeding her. It is the cutest little thing ever. She comes up to his back fence where she cries until he comes outside and feeds her. Then she lets Nat pet her head.
 Sweetest. Little. Thing.
After we grabbed the boys from school & got Carson's allergy shots, we headed to his baseball game.
It was hot, and this sweet baseball sister had these paper fans. Nataleigh and Hannah ran around the whole time pretending to be Mulan & Nana Noodleman {from Sing}. 
Seriously cute stuff.
 Then we stopped to eat some yummy burgers.
Take a quick picture.
This picture cracks me up! Can you tell which Hensley child did NOT want to take a picture?!

 Me and my hunky man!!
 Then we met my mama @ the bowling alley to celebrate my sister's birthday!
 Gigi is such a goober, and she's such a sport!! 
 Nataleigh was ALL about this!!
I mean, she had a ball until she got extremely sleepy, and then she was done!
The boys were too serious to be interrupted by a picture.
Me with my mama & the birthday girl!!
 Remember this peace sign
And we gotta have a silly face.
Bowling with the fam was such a fun night. We had cookie cake, bowled, and laughed so much. My kids, however, crashed on the way home.


After a late, busy evening, we woke up early Saturday morning to get ready for game 2 of the weekend. 
The boys met our friend from North Carolina, Mike, for breakfast @ the hotel, and they were so excited. 

Nat & I headed to get coffee & to the baseball field. 
One of my favorite friend's, Amanda, is also a mom of 3 sweet babies, and as a mama of 3, you can only be in so many places at the same time. Her oldest had a lacrosse match, and her youngest, Ruthie, had a baton twirling competition. She asked me if I could stay with her middle until her hubby got back from the lacrosse match.
These boys are so much fun, and they are even funnier!
Carson went 5-5 this weekend, and this was my hottie hubby, 1st base coach, telling him just how awesome his last hit was..a fly ball to shallow out-field that scored a run for the Royals!
This mama & that daddy are so, so proud of him!

Our sweet friend, Mike, joined us in the major heat, so we all went to Chick-Fil-A to catch up a bit.
We even ran into Nataleigh's little crush, Paxton.
Oh em gee...these two are so funny together. 
Paxton said that tickling Nat is his favorite thing, and she is just too impossible to catch!
Young love!
Joe & Mike took the boys to the driving range...

And Nataleigh & I napped!

After naps, we ran out to grab dinner because this mama was so whooped that she just didn't feel like cooking. Pizza & Panda Express for the win!
 Flip flops, Nike shorts, a TN tee, a mega bow, and her baby's diaper bag.
 Check out that bow!!
It's perfection, and it's from our favorite One Stop Bow Shop!!


Sundays are for church...and a quick photoshoot!
 My sweet heart!
Photo creds to Stephen.
I just love this hunky man of mine so much!

Remember that peace sign from earlier. Well apparently it has made it's way from the oldest Hensley to the youngest Hensley!
She's a mess!!
 Oh my darling!!
Handsome boys!
We grabbed these outfits from Old Navy a couple of weeks ago, and they were so proud of them. We let them pick out a couple of shirts and shorts, and these were the outfits they picked out on their own. 
Stephen: Shorts | Tee | Flip Flops
Carson: Shorts | Tee | Flip Flops
One boy was super snuggly in church Sunday, and I just couldn't help but stare at those perfectly-placed freckles. This boy!!

We then meal-prepped Joe's lunches {more later}, but how good do these veggies look?!

Then we enjoyed watching WWE Payback until it was bedtime. 
I guess this is one of those completely random things about us. We love us some 'wrastling.' 
We've loved it for years now. The kids know it's fake, yet we can't stop/won't stop!
Then I finished this post up, and finally, I crawled into bed!

The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy for us as we finish this school year. We have field days, awards days, field trip (x2), unused snow days, baseball, dance recital, and State pageant all in the next 31 days. I'm tired thinking of it!
Prayers appreciated for this busy mama!!

Happy Monday!


  1. I feel you on the craziness that is May. I opened my calendar yesterday to check out May and closed it right away...overwhelming! Hahaha! It's all fun stuff thank goodness. What a fun weekend you guys had! That baby calf is so cute. Happy May Day!

  2. Crazy May is here - AH!!!! Loved your insta-stories with the calf! Oh my goodness and what fun you had all weekend! xoxo ERIN

    1. Yes!! Blackey {super creative from Nat, right} is precious. Farm living is so good!!