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Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

I feel like a broken record, but this weekend kicked my tail like none other.
We squeezed so much into such a little time frame that I was so happy to see you, Monday.

Friday I shared that it was Poppy's birthday.
The boys were supposed to have field day, but it & Carson's ballgame were canceled due to the weather. We weren't complaining one bit. We took pizza over to Poppy's house & just loved and laughed with them.

Saturday, Stephen's team, the Swarm, played in a basketball tournament, and it had been a month since they had played/practiced. The first game wasn't pretty, but they pulled out a win. I was so into the whole #basketballmomlife that I neglected to take any pictures. It was intense. I did, however, snap a picture of my pulse during a particularly close game.
They went undefeated in pool play securing the one seed!
Stephen then went to his friend Conner's house for a sleepover.
This was the first time that he had slept at a friend's house, and these boys had a blast together. They got up on Sunday, went to church, and then headed back to the court for day 2 of the tournament.

Sunday was some kind of crazy!!
These two super handsome fellas headed to Cracker Barrel and then church.
This sassy girl and I headed to Clinton, TN for her to practice at a preliminary pageant. 
State is less than a month away, so we are in crunchtime now.
These prelims are perfect for getting judge feedback & one last stage walk-through, and it was just fun being with our pageant sisters.
Backstage interview time!
Love this silly girl that drives me bonkers!
 Casualwear with her buddies!
Close-up cutie!!
 Partywear with her Mini!!
These two are two peas in a pod. They both won their titles at the same prelim, so they are really big & little pageant sisters!
Nataleigh hanging out with the Cinderella Tot 2016, Reagan!
She loves her some Mabry, International Tot & Best Model winner.
And Mabry practiced crowning Nat!

While our Sunday was full of primping & prissing, Stephen was busy working!
As well as winning those 1st place medals!
Super, super proud of these boys and their hardworking coaches!
And Carson is just basically every one's little brother. He thinks the world of these guys!

This weekend was busy & trying at times, but it was well-spent with my favorite people doing our favorite things! 

Happy Monday!!



  1. I love how involved your kiddos are in sports and activities. That little Nataleigh is adorable in her pagent gear :) Happy Monday!

    1. Sometimes it's a bit overwhelming, but we only have 1 go at life. We are definitely trying to make the best of it!

  2. Oh my goodness...I love following along with your pagent experiences. Were you into that as a little girl? How did you get into it? What fun for you two girls to do together! My pulse races like that too - ;)! Happy Monday my friend! xoxo ERIN

    1. EEk!! No it's not something I did growing up, but my mom really is the one who got us into it. Nataleigh loves it so much. I have to hold her back, or she would compete every day! It's definitely time that I cherish with her, and it's really building character & confidence in her!