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Thursday, June 15, 2017

3 Things Right Now: Outfit Edition

I mentioned this week here that I am not a #selfie fan, but this week I've snapped pictures of 3 outfits that I am LOVING for so many different reasons!
Let's get right into my 3 fashion favorites of the week!


Joe grabbed me this tee from BoomTown & Co. for Mother's Day, and I LOVE IT!! It's from a local East TN company that produces the cutest tees, and these jeans are my new favorite things ever. I foresee me wearing these all Summer long.


I grabbed this shirt this winter, and it's one of my favorites for sure. Sassy & comfy, and I just saw that Target has short-sleeved versions!! 
Funny side note, my hair that day got so many compliments, and I was definitely on day 4 of a shampoo. Thank goodness for a great hair stylist & plenty of dry shampoo.


A couple of weeks ago, Matilda Jane ran these pajamas on sale, and I had to grab myself a pair. I'm so glad I did because they are the most comfortable pjs ever, and I literally wear them a couple of times a week. My hubby even likes them!! 

Most of the week now that volleyball is in full swing, I'm rocking Nike shorts, Science Hill tee, and tennis shoes happily, but these three outfits have made my little fashionista self so happy too!!

Happy Thursday, y'all!!



  1. What cute outfits! I want a pair of white skinny jeans so bad. I am on the look out. I love it paired with that t-shirt. What great looks!

    1. These Levi's are the most comfy I've ever tried!!

  2. You are so cute you should take more selfies LADY! I loved that sweatshirt when you posted it and I love those jammies...I am starting to finally buy pajamas now that I am in my 30s! HA! xoxo ERIN

    1. 😳😳😳thanks friend! I'm getting all into cute/comfy pjs too. I normally just wear sweats and tees, but these are just sooo nice!