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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Cinderella State Pageant 2017: Part 1

Well, I've been M.I.A. again this week because we had just the absolute craziest weekend imaginable, and Nataleigh has been hospitalized for pneumonia. It's official..I'm completely over {OVER} pneumonia!!
Not even pneumonia!!

When I say that this was a whirlwind weekend, I mean, I wasn't prepared for all of this, even though we did this pageant last year. 
Click HERE to read all about last year's experience!
I'm breaking this weekend up into three different posts because #PhotoOverload for real, so today I'm going to share all about our first day in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee [Dolly Parton's hometown]!!

Thursday was the calm before the storm day. No competitions took place on this day, and we were actually able to enjoy ourselves a little before the fury of competition began. 
We loaded the car bright & early, and then we met Nana to get all her stuff!
We stopped by to give Jojo one last smooch before we started to Pigeon Forge!

We got to Pigeon Forge a little early, and they have the best outlet mall ever. So we did what any other group of girls would do...SHOP!!
A little Disney Store action!!
And a whole lot of sass!!!

We arrived at The Riverstone Resort & Spa, checked in, and waited on our buddies to get there. We had a pool & pizza party with our local delegation to get ready for!
Matching braids..check!!
Perfect pretty feet..check check!!!
I'm going to brag on this sweet, gorgeous girl with Nat, Camryn!
We roomed with her and her fabulous mama, Alex, and it was the best time ever! Cam made Nataleigh feel like the most important little girl in the entire world. She loves you some kinda big, Cam!!
At the pool party, our director, Debra, presented each of the local title holders with their scepters, and her daughter presented each girl with an Auntie bag. We are so well-taken care of by these women, and they are the reason this has felt so much like a family to us!

We headed back to the room to finish our Secret Sister & souvenir gifts. 
Nataleigh had a sweet Miss contestant, Kendyl, and she had a blast picking stuff out for her sister!
 Starbucks gift card!
 Her favorite color is blue, and she's a dancer. She needed some pampering items!
Her favorite candy is Hershey's and a lokai bracelet for luck!!
{It worked too because Kendyl is now the 2017-2018 Tennessee Miss}

After baths and final wardrobe steaming, we let the girls have a dance party and a slime-making party!
Thanks Camryn for teaching Nat how to make pink, glittery scented slime!!

Tomorrow I'm going to cover what our first two days of competition looked like, and there is a lot! On top of all this, Nataleigh started to develop a pretty stinky cough that lingered all weekend. I kept asking her if she just wanted to go home, but she kept saying that she wanted to be with her pageant sisters. She also was dying to talk to Ms. Jill, our state director, on stage!!

Until tomorrow...



  1. Poor Nataleigh! You have all been through the ringer with pneumonia. It looks like you girls had a fun time before getting sick though. What fun way to kick off the weekend...you had me at Dolly (I LOVE her!)

  2. What a fun time. I love peeking into this part of your world! How sweet you all love each other so well - love that! I can't believe Natleigh got pneumonia too - what??? xoxo ERIN

    1. It's just crazy! It's the same bacteria that caused Stephen's. Super frustrating, but she is on the mend..HALLELUJAH