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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Cinderella State Pageant 2017: Part 2

We spent last weekend in Pigeon Forge at the Tennessee State Cinderella Pageant. I shared all about our first day there HERE!!
Today I'm going to share competition days 1 & 2!
Grab a coffee or Spark because it's going to be a long post!!


 We started the morning off with pin curls and girl talk on the balcony for the girls!

Then we got ready to head to orientation!


 Waiting in line to check in!
 Buddies..Caroline, Camryn, & Nataleigh!
 Dance friends & Pageant sisters!!
 These two were inseparable this weekend, and they love their director so very much!

 Silly pictures!!
Tennessee Tot contestant number 49 ready to go!

We then headed back to our room to get ready for the first competition...backstage interview & coloring. This is such a stressful competition because the girls go downstairs, and they are interviewed in groups with the judges. We have no clue what they will say. A couple of things they are looking for are girls who sit still, cross their legs at the ankles, and that answer questions. There are no right/wrong answers, but they are looking for girls who have polite personalities! 
 walking with Nana!!
 silly faces with Hailey
 & sweet smiles!
 Sweet smiles with sweet Emma.
Emma is a girl we've competed with from the beginning, and she's also one of Stephen's buddies from school!!
 Sweet girls waiting their turn!
Caroline & Nataleigh happily finished with their interviews!!
These two headed back to our room to play with slime {thanks Cam} before naps!
Ruffled socks & white shoes all over our kitchen!
After a nap, Nat wanted one thing...playtime on the playground!!

Little girl...big world!
Camryn went out while Nat was napping and grabbed the cutest matching crown rings!!
Then it was time for our Western Party!!
 but first, a breathing treatment!
 Big shout-out to Olive Mae for this BEAUTIFUL dress!!
 My perfect little cowgirl!
 country girls shaking it!!

My awesome friend Nikki caught this sweet moment of Nat and me dancing. It was truly such a fun day/night!


Preliminary day!!
This was a HUGE day for us, and it was full of competitions that started bright and early!
 Onstage Personality!!

 Ridiculously adorable girls!!
 gorgeous curls
{thanks Alex}
 The big stage at The Country Tonite Theatre.
So she basically brought the house down. Everyone was laughing at her, and she sat still with her sweet little ankles crossed the entire time. Completely charming!!
 She knew she did well!!
 I posted this to my instagram page {@britthensley}, and I still love how beautifully these bows stacked. Go now and grab your girl some beautiful bows from One Stop Bow Shop!
Quick nap on the way back to the resort before the rest of the day continued!
 Partywear ready!

Once again, Caroline & Nat in their own ruffly world!
I totally spaced out grabbing a picture of our Casualwear outfit, and it was my favorite.
Hopefully I'll be able to grab a picture from the professional stage photographer soon!
Then the girls had a private Grand Finale rehearsal!

Iced London Fog latte for me & double chocolate chip frappe for Nat!
coffee cuties

Then it was Prince Gilbert Party time!!
 Her 'Camryn' pose!!!
She loved the hula hoop and pass the frog contests, but she did not like seeing Prince Gilbert. He's a 'frog' that princesses have to kiss to wake up! Nataleigh is adamant when she says that she wants to be a Princess that DOESN'T kiss frogs when she grows up! This was not her favorite part of the night!
At the Prince Gilbert Party, Nat wanted to 'crown' her favorite princess, Leah Grace. Leah Grace was Miss Tennessee's Outstanding Teen 2016, and she's basically Nataleigh's favorite person. Leah was incredibly kind & sweet with my little girl, and I'm forever grateful!!
After the party she wanted one more trip to the pool before an early bedtime. We spent Saturday night packing, pressing, and preparing for Grand Finales!

Tomorrow I'm sharing what exactly went down on Sunday, and it's a don't miss post!!

See ya tomorrow!!



  1. How fun! What a great way to build confidence in girls, but also getting them to feel comfortable talking in front of people. Nataleigh is adorable! I am glad she seems to be feeling better too!

    1. I'm sharing her onstage interview tomorrow, and I couldn't have done what she did! These girls learn so much with this system, and they want the girls to look their age. I love it!!