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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cinderella State Pageant 2017: Part 3

Seriously, I was right when I said that this weekend was A LOT, but it was also so memorable! Today's post will let you in on some of my personality traits, as well as Nataleigh's, but if you missed the DAY 1 POST  or the First 2 Competition Days post, then check those out!
Once again grab your favorite go-to drink, and prepare yourself for another photo-overload post!!


Somehow Nataleigh woke up extra beautiful this morning, even though she hardly slept due to that pesky cough. She had also started to run a little fever, and we were starting to get worried. I had decided that if she wanted to go home, then we were going home, but she wanted to dance on the stage with her friends!
She requested girl time on the balcony one last time!!
 We got all checked in, and ready to go in our lineup!!
 Caroline was number 51, & Nataleigh was number 49. They were so close, so they had each other throughout the entire weekend!

Our buddy Hailey was number 48, so these girls couldn't resist a chance to take one last silly picture!!

Enter my personality quirks!
Nataleigh did not nail her beauty walk the day before due to some technical difficulties. In fact almost every little girl couldn't hear the musical cues to indicate their next steps on Saturday, so I just knew she wouldn't pull Top 5. Only the Top 5 recompete from the Tot group because it is such a big group. I brought nothing in with us...no make up or hair stuff. I'm a realist through and through! I had planned on sneaking out after the top 5 was called, so I could get my sick girl home!

Here she is on stage for her Grand Finale performance. She was an absolute DOLL!!
And she pulled Top 5!!
Thank goodness for a fellow Top 5 mama who came prepared. Valerie let me use hair and makeup backstage to get Nataleigh ready to recompete. She felt terrible, but she was so stinking excited about making the Top 5! At this point our day had been made!!


After Casualwear, Nataleigh and I hung out eating popcorn watching all the older girls perform their talents. We saw singers, dancers, and even baton twirlers. It was awesome until...
Someone crashed. 
We decided to ask if we could give her a breathing treatment before Personality began, and the Cinderella staff was incredible to us. Here's where her personality quirks come out. She's tough as nails, and she's resilient. This was something SHE wanted, and nothing was going to stop her from doing her absolute best!

It was Personality time!!
This is seriously the best part of the day. These little girls come to stage riding a carousel horse, and they do the cutest interview with Ms. Jill. Take a couple of minutes and enjoy this gem of a video, and please someone let Peyton Manning know about it! 

At this point the competition was over!
She was amazing, and I felt confident that we had a Top 3 spot. I also thought we had Tot Personality in the bag, and I was THRILLED!!
 She surprised us all by winning the Overall Tennessee State Tot!
Oh my gosh!!
I screamed. I cried. I was all in my feelings. Not many knew just exactly how sick this sweet girl was, and she was still her spunky, adorable self!!
 My girl!
 with her beautiful sister queens!!

This is a traditional picture that every Cindy queen takes, and it's my new favorite picture!

When we began this Cinderella journey last year, I told Joe we were on the three-year plan. Last year was for learning. This year was for practicing. And next year was for winning. She skipped that second year. I shouldn't be shocked, but I am still. We have an incredibly busy year ahead of us, and I cannot wait. 

A couple of thanks are needed!!
To our friends & family...We love you so very much. Your unconditional love and support astounds me still. I'm thankful that I can pick up my phone and call these people, and they are there for me regardless! There will be many days that I'll be calling you in the coming months, so prepare yourselves!
 Her friends grabbing her as soon as she got off the stage!
 And squeezed her tight!
Same pageant...last year!!

To our local & state directors..Thank you so much for the opportunity to represent Unicoi and now the State of Tennessee as your Cinderella Tot. This year is going to be so much fun, and I cherish your help!

To my momma & JOJO...Thank you, Joseph for daring my mom to enter Nataleigh in her first pageant. She has had so many opportunities, & she's made some amazing friends all because of this silly dare. It's been a wild, crazy, ride, but honestly would we change it at all?! Here's to 2017-2018..may it be our best year EVER!

As I said earlier, her cough was still there, and she was running a fever. As soon as we got home, the doc's office recommended us taking her to the hospital, where we found out that she's had walking pneumonia with a full pneumonia spot in her lungs. 
Yet she charmed the socks off of everyone in the hospital with that smile and that darling personality!

See y'all tomorrow for Friday Favorites!



  1. Those videos were too cute. She has the sweetest and funniest personality :). I bet she will marry Marshall Manning ;). xoxo ERIN

    1. I sure hope so! We are BIG Peyton fans in this house!

  2. Ohhhhhh how sweet! Congrats Nataleigh and congrats Mama! What a great experience for both of you!