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Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Favorites 6.9.2017

Today I'm heading over the mountain to get my boys back!!
They spent a week + at the beach with Mimi, Aunt Lesley, and our nephew Camden, and I'm so ready to see those stinky boys!!

They've had an absolute ball though this week, and only one picture was taken {thanks y'all}!!

I mean, you know fun was had when their feet look like this.

I also got this message from my sister-in-law earlier this week.
I do fix some really good chili, but my sweet sister-in-law is a vegan! How sweet is my boy, and I bet that he asks for chili this weekend, even though it's June!!

Honestly though this week has been wild & a stark contrast to the boys' week, but we just all function better when we are together. I need my sweaty, sweet, funny, stinky, boys back asap!!

If you've missed any of our posts from this week, then you've missed what amazing stuff happened last weekend, and it was CRAZY!!
And I need a little help!
We head to Dallas, TX in a couple of weeks for Nataleigh to compete against the rest of the US for the International Tot title, and I have no clue what to do, where to go, or anything! What are the must sees in Dallas?!  


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  1. Have fun getting your boys! It will be nice to get them all back in one nest :) Although time away is fun for them and how funny is that feet picture...you know they were having fun!

    1. Yes! This mama needs all her chicks back in the nest!

  2. It's good to miss our kids and be missed from time to time and there's nothing like a sweet reunion :). I hope you had a great weekend. Can't wait to hear all the details about Dallas :) xoxo ERIN