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Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Favorites: Randomness + Weekend Getaway

It is officially Friday, and we are on vacation!
I can't even put into words how excited we all are about this weekend. We are hitting the beach with some pretty awesome friends, and we just kinda need a weekend away!
Today's list of favorites is totally random, and I'm sharing some awesome stuff I found & packed for this weekend!


The first favorite of this week has to be this precious boy. He turns 8 tomorrow, and he is seriously the sweetest.
This Wednesday at church, a sweet lady gave him $5 for his birthday, and he insisted on buying his brother and his sister each a pack of gum with his own money! Proud of this boy and his thoughtful heart!


Sonic Happy Hour
No shame here!
It's been HOT here in Tennessee this week, and yesterday we stopped in, along with everyone in Johnson City, for slushies! They were perfection!!


We finally got Nataleigh's dance pictures back, and I'm so stinking excited to have ordered these buttons. Talk about absolute preciousness!

Along with those buttons, I think these buttons will be absolutely darling while we are in Dallas. Everyone will know that we are rocking #TeamNataleighHope all the way!

Also, I've finally gone through the pictures from the photographer, and this is one of my favorite pictures.
That is Ms. Jill, our amazing state director, and she just knows exactly how to make every child up there feel like the most important and most comfortable. I love this moment because Ms. Jill had candidly joked about doing the interview in that feather, and Nataleigh thought it was the funniest thing ever!! It was completely precious, and I think Nataleigh decided right then and there that Ms. Jill is her favorite person ever now!


I feel like I share about One Stop Bow Shop every other week, but seriously every single bow we've gotten from there has been perfect!

I mean, when ya cheese that big, you know you have an amazing bow!
This is the Jumbo Light Denim, and it totally rocks!!


Walmart finds!
Yesterday we hit up Walmart to try to find some last-minute packing things, and I was all about everything we found!
These toothbrush zip bags!
I grabbed each of the kiddos one, and they were $1.87 each!
 Extra toothbrush covers!
 A variety of sunscreens!
My blogger buddy Jenna shared about the Hawaiian Tropic Sport sunscreen, so we decided to give it a try!
 This hat!!
$7, and it's totally adorable!
I love keeping my fly-aways out of my face, especially at the beach, so I picked up this super cute & sporty headband!! 

Other little things I packed for our trip besides the obvious necessities...
Plenty of Hairbows
{all from One Stop Bow Shop}

 Nat got this caboodle as part of her crown box, and it's perfect for taking all of her bows and accessories in!

Also, at State this year, the Tennessee Tot 2016, Reagan, gifted all the tots competing with these boxes, and they are so handy!!
 & so cute!
We've stocked our's with clips.

As well as adding some of the little pony tail holders. Nataleigh has super fine hair, so we use these little ones for her every day styles. I found this cute hair tie holder several months ago at Walmart, and I just continue to restock it!

I at least will know where all of her accessories are, right?!


This dinner from Hello Fresh!
[Code: BRITTHENS to save $40]
We left for the beach this morning, and as of last night, this meal hadn't been eaten yet. There was no way that it would still be good by the time we got home from the beach, so I called my sister, GG, to offer it to her! She's gone completely out of her way this week to help us fundraise for Nataleigh's big trip, and there is no way to thank her enough. Honestly she basic is a rockstar in my book, and I am so thankful for her! She's fierce, honest, and the kind of person you want in your corner! 
Love ya GG! We hope you love the dinner!!

Happy Friday, and check back here tomorrow to hear all about 8 reasons that I LOVE Carson!!

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  1. What a FUN list of favorites! I love the clear bags for traveling. I hope you like the sunscreen :) And I had to smile about the Caboodle. Have the best vacation with your family!!!

    1. That sunscreen smells soooooo good! Thanks for the recommendation

  2. Love all of your Wal-Mart finds, especially the beach hat! Hope you all have a great weekend.

  3. Happy Birthday to Carson and have fun celebrating at the beach! A made mark is such a blessing! What a treat! Xoxo erin

    1. Thanks so much!! We have a pretty excited boy!

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