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Friday, June 16, 2017

Friday Favorites

Today we are linking up with ErikaNarci, & Andrea for Friday Favorites.

First things first....this will be a short post for two reasons, one of which is one of my favorites & the second that is one of my least favorites.


We are road-trippin' today. 
It's really just a quick over-the-mountain trip into North Carolina because Nataleigh is having her officialy headshots taken. It's going to be a super fast, tons of fun trip with my favorite people!!


Yesterday I started to get the absolute worst headache ever, so I immediately took medicine and went to bed. It really came out of nowhere, and this morning I woke up with a little one still. This headache is causing my whole body to hurt. Prayers that this thing goes away quickly, & it doesn't affect the fun of our little roadtrip!


And I couldn't post on the Friday before Father's Day without mentioning my incredible husband. 

We love you so, so much, and our lives are so much better because YOU are in them. Joseph, Joe, JOJO, I am so thankful for the Christian father that you are. You are genuine, strong, funny, kind, loving, and so many more adjectives. Our kids are so lucky to have a dad that teaches them how to love fiercely as well as forgive often. I cannot wait to spend this weekend with you & our beautiful babies! I love you so much, and you still have the biggest & best muscles EVER!!
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  1. Have fun on your road trip! Sorry to hear about your headache. Those are no fun. Have a wonderful weekend celebrating Father's Day.

  2. Such a sweet collection of photos and have a fun weekend. Hope your headache subsides! xoxo ERIN

    1. I'm taking Exedrin Migraine as we speak! Hopefully I can keep it away!