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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Life Lately

Life has been so full & exciting lately for the Hensley 5!
Today I'm letting y'all get a little peek into what life has been looking like for us lately!

We've churched!!

We've hung out by the pool...

 Does it get better than popsicles by the pool with one of your besties?!
And seriously girl mom's everywhere grab some of these bows. They are pool {& washing machine} friendly, and One Stop Bow Shop has the cutest selection of bows! 

We dropped the boys off at the Vikings basketball camp, and then grabbed the girls some breakfast.
And this little thing is a BIG fan of the yogurt parfaits from Chick-Fil-A!!

Stephen had to go back for another recheck, and the doctor really wants to figure out why his pneumonia was so atypical. More bloodwork was done!
Please pray that we get some answers. She's also concerned about a relapse, and there is a possibility that we'll have to head to Knoxville to see a pediatric pulmonologist. 

Stephen returned to his basketball team for practice.
It's so good to see this boy out there again. This is where his heart is, and this mama heart was just so full seeing how far he's come in a week.

Then we jetted from Stephen's practice to Carson's baseball game.
I seriously cannot say enough about this group of guys & coaches. They are seriously a class act. This team has had the target on their backs all season, and after an incredible season, they suffered their first loss. They went 15-1 for the year, and they played with so much heart. They never gave up in a single game. These coaches taught them so much, and I am so proud to be a Royal mama!!

We headed back to basketball camp!
These boys got to play this week in a pretty cool venue. It's where Joe coaches, and it's just an awesome basketball court that has housed many concerts, productions, and basketball games!

Then we took the boys to Mimi where they are #beachbound for the week.
Little one napped in the car while we were coming back home from the mountain trip to Mimi!
We ended our Wednesday heading to church {which required blowing kisses}!
She thought it was so awesome that we were #twinning!
And I just love my little mini so very much!

This week has been busy & fun, and we are looking forward to a fun weekend with our Cinderella sisters.

Hope y'all have such a wonderful rest of the week!



  1. How cute are your kiddos? You guys are so busy, but it is so fun to see our kids loving what they are doing. And sports are so good for kids for SO many reasons. I hope you have a great Thursday and I will continue to pray for Stephen. This post has me longing for summer break!

    1. My kiddos are wild, and yes for all things summer break. Can't wait to see your family's posts this summer too!

  2. I sure hope you get some answers! It looks like a good week in your neck of the woods! xoxo ERIN