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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Show & Tell Tuesdays: The Struggle is Real

Today we are linking up with Andrea from Momfessionals for her Show & Tell Tuesday link up.
 Here are some upcoming topics!
This topic is so my life!!
I feel like I use #thestruggleisreal hashtag way too often on social media, but normally it's pretty spot on! Today I'm sharing 3 areas of life that I struggle as well as some of the ways that we cope!


Honestly this is what it feels like 98% of the time. I feel as though I pick up the same exact thing every single day!! My kids are precious, yet they just don't seem to be bothered by anything being left out. We have literally packed up their rooms because they wouldn't clean it, and it didn't even phase them! 
Just last night a friend of mine on Facebook asked everyone what their laundry situation was, and y'all, I'm not the only one that struggles!
I'm just going to tell y'all that this family of 5 produces A LOT of dirty clothes, and we've learned through the years that we have to stay on top of it before it becomes a huge, gigantic mess. This is how we laundry..
I feel as though I wash a load every single day, and every other week I wash all the bedding in the house. One week I'll wash all the kids' bedding, and then the next I'll wash our bedding. I try to fold every load when it dries at the washer/dryer because if it makes it to a basket, it takes FOREVER for it to make it out of said basket. 
The boys put up their own clothes minus the hanging stuff, and I put up mine and Nataleigh's stuff. We buy so much Matilda Jane that I feel more comfortable about doing the laundry, and Joseph definitely doesn't want that pressure on him. Our MJ doesn't ever dry in the dryer...like EVER! Also, folding in piles on the washer/dryer forces me to have to put it all up right then before I can move the just-washed clothes to the dryer. Our laundry situation hasn't always been this way, but I've discovered that having control of at least one of our chores helps us all feel better about the housework!


Shew! If you look up worry, I would almost guarantee that my face would be plastered ALL over that definition!! I have tried everything to get over my worrisome behavior, but I am still a worst-case type of person. I think about what all could go wrong, and then I formulate my plan of attack. I've laid my worried nature down so many times, and yet I continue to pick it back up.
A couple of things that help worry not completely taking over my behaviors & mind-set are praying, talking, and journaling. I pray about every little detail that I start to worry about..even down to scheduling in our lives. I will pray about things that I know will stress me out or worry me to death, and I'll pray about the details of the event. For example at the State Pageant I would pray under my breathe for the traffic and the lights because I just knew that I would worry about being late or getting stuck in traffic, and it definitely helped me relax a little knowing that I was entrusting Him in the details of our day. Also, I talk a lot of my worries out with Joe. He is 100% my best friend and help-mate. Talking to him about EVERYTHING helps me not to hold it all in until I erupt. He's so good about listening to my worries & concerns, and he's super quick to ask me if I've prayed enough about it. Also, when our marriage went through the ultimate low, a separation, I began to journal what we were going through as well as what the Bible was telling me about our situation, and that little tool has stuck. I will constantly have a new note in my phone or journal. There is something about putting it on paper/digitally that let's me let go of my worry a little better. It's kind of like I'm addressing the issue head on rather deflecting or pretending that it's not there. It allows me to be honest about my struggles.


I am extremely insecure about everything! In some areas of life, that insecurity is getting better, but in other areas, it's not changing at all. I'll be honest with y'all. I rarely think I'm a good enough {insert anything} here, and it's been that way since I can remember. I never felt thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, and I cannot take a compliment at all! {my hubby just said Amen}. 
My husband's infidelity with one of my best friends amplified all of this, but it's also strangely helped my insecurites. In those first days, weeks, and months after the revelation, God showed me that even though I was rejected by my husband, momentarily, and a lot of my friends, some permanently, that He chose & loves me despite my short-comings. Just to be honest with y'all, those days I felt the ugliest I've ever felt, and yet, I felt God loving me unconditionally. In those days, God showed me that I will never be enough, and y'all, that's okay. My goal every day now is to do my best in every area, even though it'll never be enough, and I'm finally coming to terms & understanding that my beauty is unique to me. 
I still hate selfies & pictures, but that's okay.
I'm learning every day to love the me that's right there in the camera & mirror! 

I'm so not perfect, or more honestly, no where near perfect, but I'm getting more & more comfortable with how He made me every day!

My struggles are not uncommon at all. I think most women struggle with worry, self-confidence, and house keeping at some point in their lives. I just want to encourage you to accept who you are & leave the rest up to Him. 

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. You ARE good enough! You are an amazing, AMAZING mama and wife and I hope you can see how you are not alone in your struggles!!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks..I know if I struggle with these, then others are too!
      [Deleted my original comment because of a typo, and it's such a pet peeve]!

  2. You are AMAZING! I have loved getting to know you through this little blogging-world and I can relate to so much of this post. Worry is my middle name. I worry about everything, and Phillipian 4:6 is my favorite scripture of all time. It has gotten me through a lot of times. Isn't it always amazing how when we are going through some of our darkest days how close we feel to God. If there is ever a silver lining in those dark days, that would be it. It is also nice to know that we are all going through so much of the same struggles.

    1. YES! YES! YES! God is so good, and I thank Him every day for this blogging community & you!

  3. I wish i did not worry about everything.. It seems to be the number 1 thing i face daily...always worrying about something.. What my life would be like if i could let it go..

    1. Me too..worry is such a thief, so I have to have tools and strategies to prevent it from stealing so much of my life

  4. Oh man you are good enough because you are HIS but I am right there with you. I think so many of us struggle with feeling "good enough". What a sweet honest post and let's just say laundry and I have gone head to head and I have lost many a time! xoxo ERIN