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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Talk Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everybody!!
We are in the middle of our last week of preseason volleyball workouts, and I thought I'd share some things that every coach at any level notices & looks for.
{along with some cute pictures of my kids & motivational quotes}

cutest future Toppers!!

Have a good attitude...ALWAYS

This would be a non-negotiable for me!
I know that not everything in life is happy or perfect, however, our attitude determines how a lot of life unfolds. If you enter a tough workout with a crabby attitude, then that practice is going to be extra hard. On the flipside, if you enter that same super, difficult workout with an attitude that is positive, I will guarantee that you will learn something from any awful drill! Even though you are playing a fun sport or participating in a fun activity, not every detail will be fun, easy, or pretty!

Be coachable at all costs

I would put every penny I have on the line that by the end of the very first drill of practice your coach or coaches know whether you are coachable or not! Coaches like investing in coachable kids, and that's what we are looking for. We aren't looking for perfect passes, sets, hits, or serves every single second of the day. We are looking for that kid who after an awful shanked pass will make the corrections to their platform that we suggested! That speaks louder to coaches that absolute, fake perfection! Coachable kids become successful at every level of their life, and they make coaching fun!

Practice like you play

I feel as though every day at practice at least once I yell to encourage the girls to 'go hard.' It's easy to just go through the motions, but that translates to a team of players going through the motions in games. It's HORRENDOUS watching those teams. Teams that just do enough to look competent never win. It's always the kids and teams that do more than expected and required that make it to the next level!
We notice when you don't fully commit to a drill. We notice when you cut corners in the weight room or even in the simple jog. Cutting corners in any drill or exercise will lead to long-term problems. 

Show Up

I promise that coaches love seeing kids who want to be there. Like I said earlier, practices aren't always fun, and in fact hard practices make for easy games! We want to see kids getting down and dirty and working their tails off completely! We want to see 110% every single time regardless if it's your favorite drill or not!

Be gracious in defeat & humble in victory

It's easy & fun to win. It's every coach's dream to win it all, but there are more teaching & growing points that stem from a tough loss than an easy victory. Shake hands with your opponents regardless of the outcome, and focus on yourself. No one, especially your coach, likes a poor loser! Learn to be humble when you win, and always be gracious in defeat. Kids with a strong work ethic & great character will always find great success, and those are the kids that every coach wants to be around!
Stephen's team winning their last tournament!
Carson's final game with the best little team ever. This loss was so tough & heartbreaking..lots of tears were shed, but it was such an amazing season!

Just remember that your coach sees more than you think, and there is so much in the details. Set yourself apart by working hard, being humble, and being present!

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  1. I agree with everyone of those - especially being coachable. When I was helping teachers grow and learn, I worked with those that wanted the help. Its really hard to help those that don't think or want the help! xoxo ERIN

    1. Yes!! It's easy to invest in coachable people, and coachability translates to every profession.

  2. I LOVE this post. All of the statements and points you make are so true for any kid at any level. I love watching my kids play sports and being successful but I also like watching my kids listen to their coaches, watching them cheer their teammates on and watching them be gracious losers. Sports teach kids SOOOOOO much and belonging to a team is so important. We get asked why our kids play sports year round (like we are crazy) and it's because my kids are already learning life lessons that I could not teach them myself and learning what work ethic is as well as teamwork and building their character. I loved this post.

    1. I am so pro-team sports! I think so many life lessons are learned on fields and courts all while sneaking fun cardio in! :) happy Tuesday!

  3. What a great post! Thanks so much for sharing.