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Monday, June 12, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

I still have practice today, but the kids have NO WHERE to be, and us getting a break from their crazy schedules is soooooo nice!
This weekend was great! We had a nice busy, fun weekend, full of lots of family time, and it was just so necessary for our hearts!
Friday we headed to church for Family Night, and it was a BLAST! We had inflatibles, food, and so much fun. 
Our church does this adorable thing where they release balloons with invites to the church. We are hoping that we have visitors with these cards soon!

 The inflatibles were a big hit for the two younger Hensley kids!
 Stephen, Jojo, and I played 'gotcha' with the Youth, and I must brag on my kiddo. He's a beast at this game. He had so many of those youth frustrated that he kept getting them out! Also, I just want to say that on the first game, Mama knocked Jojo out!
 My boys!

And Little Miss decided that Snow Cones are definitely a big-time favorite!! 
We were all a big, hot sweaty mess, and we loved every minute!
Hickory Tree Union Church has healed so many of our ministry hurts. They are and were exactly what we needed at this moment of our lives. Thank You God for the blessing of such a wonderful church!
We then let the kiddos 'camp out,' and this was another big hit for our three. 

Saturday was for birthday celebrations galore!
 Happy Birthday Ally!!

 The boys had an intense game of basketball/football/dodgeball going on throughout the entire day!
 This girl loves her some Christie, and the feeling is mutual!
 We then headed to Jo Helen's to celebrate this precious woman! One of my absolute favorite people of all-time..my grandmother!
 My mom even grabbed her favorite cake {yellow cake with caramel icing} from our favorite Blackbird Bakery.
And the kiddos learned how to fly a drone on the farm!!
Learning & listening
Seriously one of the best days ever!!

Sundays are for smiles and squeezing their sister, and I just love these three so much!

Oh, and Sundays are also for our favorite pizza from Mad Greek & salads for Joe & me!

Joe & the boys headed to a quick softball game between church services while Nat and I finished the laundry!
And then they played some basketball before last night's service started.

{because that's what they do}
Stephen requested chili, and if you saw my Friday Favorites Post, then you know that my oldest loves mama's chili in any weather!
We ended the night watching the USMNT vs. Mexico & Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, & I've not recovered from #SMASHVILLE losing :(
These three were snuggled in one bed watching Netflix together. They are on a Hotel Transylvania kick right now! 

We have so much fun, exciting things coming up this week, but most of all we are finally settling into our Summer routine. 

Happy Monday, y'all!



  1. Happy Monday! It's our first week of break and we cannot wait to get it started. What a fun weekend you guys just had. I love that your boy requests chili and you make it. I bet it feels good to have all your family home now :)

    1. It feels great! Enjoy your first week of Summer break!

  2. Looks like a great weekend. I love how your church released the balloons with invites. What a great idea! Happy Monday.

  3. I loved the idea..it was so cool seeing those little hands releasing the invite to hear the Good News!