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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Workin' It Wednesday 6.14.2017

Happy Wednesday y'all!!
We've made it to the middle of this week, and can I get a hallelujah?! We are on our third full week of Summer Break, and we are quickly hitting the proverbial wall!! Today we are linking up with Erika & Shay for their monthly chat, and today we are talking all about keeping our kiddos entertained throughout the summer.
I cannot wait to read all the other blogger's ideas!!

So far this summer we've...
 doodled outside with sidewalk chalk
 ate popsicles with buddies poolside
 wrapped up an amazing baseball season
 started a summer basketball season
 enjoyed basketball camp
 played on playgrounds

 beach tripped
 more #poolhairdontcare
 basketballed before church
and even more pooltime!

Shew!! I mean, the first three weeks have been some kind of busy for the Hensley 5, and now we are fully into the volleyball preseason. This means that I have practice 4 nights a week, and the kids have been joining me. Y'all..this is where we are struggling because these three are trapped in a gym while 20+ girls are focusing on bettering their volleyball skills, and my attention has to be on the girls during practice!
She's over it about 30 minutes into practice. We pack a backpack with crayons, coloring books, iPads, etc, and we still struggle. Any help would be so welcome to keep them entertained for a couple of hours while I'm coaching!

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  1. Yes entertaining them at the gym would be tough for sure especially when you are coaching!

  2. That would be so tough! I like the backpack idea. I love how active your family is. We are just 1/2 way through the first week and loving every second! :)

    1. We sta on the go, but my kids do better than staying @ home begging for something to do!

  3. I love that each post I get to know you better. I didn't know you coached volleyball! You have been busy and you still have so much to look forward to! xoxo ERIN

    1. I love volleyball, and it's the ultimate team sport. The girls are the best though!!