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Monday, July 10, 2017

10 on the 10th

Hey there, Monday!
Well my season of complete busyness begins today, and while I enjoyed my 2 weeks off, I'm kinda ready for a 'regular' schedule again!
Every month my girl Erin @ Perfectly Port hosts this fun link-up, and today we are all sharing about 10 of our daily habits! I can't wait to share as well as read through other bloggers/moms habits!
Let's get right into it!


Hit snooze so many times!! 

Snooze game strong!!!
No shame in my snooze game.
I just can't help it! I live for sleeping for just 5 more minutes even though it's not the best sleep. It's definitely a habit I love!


Read my verse of the day!!
What a good verse from yesterday right?!


Read through my favorite blogs!
I shared HERE some of my absolute favorite blogs that I follow. These are mamas who are so encouraging and fun to follow. You will fully enjoy reading all about these mamas!


Get ready for the day!
You know how I just said that I like to hit 'snooze' a bunch in the mornings?!
Basically dry shampoo is my total game-changer!
My go-to dry shampoo is Bautiste!!


I stay caffeinated throughout the day!
Thank you Dunkin Donuts for your refill cups & your iced coffees!
These are my favorite things ever, and Nick @ the Dunkin in Coloniel Heights is AH-MAZING!!
He knows my order as soon as I pull up..iced with extra cream & extra sugar!!


Talk to my mama at least once {or twice} a day depending on what is going on.
Lately we've been talking several times a day because we are busily prepping for Dallas. I'm so excited that Nana is flying with us!


Eat broccoli!
I know I've shared my love of broccoli before, but it's seriously something I eat every single day for either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack!
I roast it until it's super crunchy, and it's my favorite snack!


Kiss these faces about 265 times a day! 
I just love my crew!


Say my nightly prayers!
I am one thankful mama!
My family has been through it, and I've briefly shared our story, however, not a day goes by that I don't thank God for His absolute goodness. We've experienced so much disappointment, frustrations, and yet one thing we've never experienced is abandonment! God has been right there with us in the trenches as well as on the mountain top. He's led us through raging seas and storms so bad that we couldn't see how we would survive, and now every time we look back to those days, we are reminded of His marvelous grace...the grace we did nothing to deserve!
Some nights I just peek in the kids' room and cry because He's been so good to me!


Fall asleep with the TV on!
I am 100% a person who sleeps with the tv on all night, and I know my hubby wishes I wasn't. I think it started when I was pregnant with Stephen. I was awfully sick all the time, and sleep was just nowhere to be found. I began waking up all the time, so I started leaving the tv on instead of searching for the remote to turn it back on. Then all those midnight & 2 a.m. feedings really further created a monster. Now I fall asleep with my tv on 1 of 3 channels: HGTV, Bravo, or the Game Show Network!
I LOVE classic game shows, and my most favorite right now is Cash Cab!

I thought it would be fun to talk about a few of the habits I wish I had every day!
  1. Drinking more water
  2. Washing my face every night before bed
  3. Exercise every day
These three are areas that I want to focus more on improving. The thing is that I lack consistency with these three. I do all three of these at different times, but I'm just not consistent. They are just not habits I love as much as I do the 'snooze' button and my iced coffees!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope your Monday is just amazing today!
Commit it to Him, and see what He does with it!



  1. Ohhhh, I should have added talk to my mom each day, and my dad. Hahaha! I talk to my parents all the time. I love classic game shows too. I have to turn the TV off though because I get sucked into shows and refuse to fall asleep. Have a great start to your week!

    1. I struggle to sleep without the tv on. I only do it if there is no other options! Yes to talking to mamas. There is just something about keeping in touch with them. I should add that I also talk to my grandmother every day too!

  2. Um I use to have to go to sleep with the TV on too - I don't know how I kicked it when we got married. I want to adopt those same habits. This week I am drinking lime in my water and I only had half a pop today, I am calling that a win! If I don't shower at night, my face does not get washed all the time....just honest about that! SO EXCITED FOR YOU - so much to look forward to! xoxo ERIN

    1. I love honesty!! I'm so proud and jealous of your one pop today thing! I did have a HUGE thing of iced water, so that's a beginning, right? Happy Monday, buddy!